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Too many people are ‘dodging the system’

For a long time, especially with budget airlines such as Southwest and Frontier, people have ‘gamed the system’ by faking disability.  A Southwest Airlines employee, calling herself Susan, says, “We have more than three times as many wheelchairs in use now than just five years ago.  It’s an epidemic, and you can tell most of these people are faking injuries and disabilities so they can get on the plane first and get the best seats.”

A further look says this is a growing problem and its costing airlines millions of dollars to keep up with the flood of fakers flying with them.  With Southwest it’s really bad, largely due to their unique boarding system.  With Southwest, passengers are not assigned seats, but are boarded in groups.  Obviously, the first group gets the best pick of the seats and overhead storage to boot.  This ‘epidemic’ of fake injuries seems to have started with Southwest, but now all of the budget airlines are experiencing similar situations, Frontier being the latest to sound the alarm.

James Yoni, a recently retired Frontier employee says, “On one flight it was so bad that we had twenty-three people claiming disabilities and demanding early boarding.  We needed twenty wheelchairs and four more employees to accommodate their demands.  It was such a farce that my co-workers and I couldn’t help but giggle.  It was so tragically stupid we couldn’t help ourselves.”

Okay, so we’ve got a problem.  What’s the answer?  It’s as easy as a parking sticker.

When you park your car in a handicapped space, you must display a placard or license plate identifying yourself as being somehow handicapped.  These laws are strictly enforced in the countries all around the world.

So, how about a ‘Handicapped Identification Card’?  It could be as easy as a sticker on your driver license, in your passport, or on any other government issued ID for that matter.  When someone claims disabled status on an airline flight but can’t produce produce handicapped status, he or she needs to get back in line with everyone else.

What say you?

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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