Monday, May 20, 2024


Had Joe Biden been a member of the US Armed Forces

He would be rotting in a cell in Leavenworth, or dangling on the end of a rope.

In theory, Joe Biden is the ‘6-star-general’ of the United States Armed Forces.  As Commander in Chief, he should be held accountable to the UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military Justice] as are all of his generals and those who serve.

Joe’s behaviour has been nothing but treasonous.  One can only chalk up so much as incompetence or rampant ignorance.  One can only chalk up just so much bumbling before it becomes obvious that this man is a traitor to the United States of America and a threat to our very way of life.

Joe serves higher powers, Xi Jin Ping of Communist China, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Ali Khamenei of Iran, and even Kim Jung Un of North Korea.  Joe serves he who throws the most money at him or his little bastard, Hunter.  One thing is for sure; he does not serve the American People.

As he has crippled our energy industry, buried us in insurmountable debt, surrendered much of our military ammunition, weapons, and supplies to questionable causes, stabbed long-time ally Israel in the back as he caters to terrorist forces.  On top of all of this he has openly advocated a ‘no borders’ policy allowing millions of illegal Aliens to enter the country as he provides them with food, clothes, money, legal aid and even a fast track to citizenship.

No one person has done more to destroy America, grinding her into the dust of a nation in decline.  No person has done more to divide the American People along so many lines that the fractures cannot be measured.

With a knife drawn across our jugular, the United States is in the throes of an early death.  The once great United States of America now occupies the status of a nation in decline.  Amid our present decline, we are rapidly approaching the point of no return.

The only chance we, as a people, have to stop this ‘Rocket Sled to Hell’ government before it hits the ground is to vote out Joe Biden and as many of his Liberal Communist Democrat pals out of office.

We’re dying folks.  We as a people and a nation are dying.  Before our final death rattle, we need to act and we need to act in such large numbers with such force that our will cannot be hidden, changed, forfeit or denied.  VOTE DAMMIT!  Vote while you still can!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

P.S.  In times as turbulent as those of today, I find it incredible that the American People would be so incredibly stupid and apathetic as to allow this buffoon to get into, let alone stay in, the White House.

If you people don't get your sh!t together, and soon, it'll be entirely too late for the lot of you.  Remember too that as goes America, so goes the world!

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