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A failed nation-state run by terrorists puts America in danger.

How much longer do we have to put up with the open invasion and occupation of our country?  How much longer will it take for us to respond with force necessary to defend what remains of our homeland?  Make no bones about it, we 'at war' with the failed nation-state of Mexico, run entirely by human traffickers and drug cartels.  Mexico has become a safe-haven for criminals and terrorists from around the globe.

With open support from the Biden Administration their numbers are growing at an alarming rate.  Already, over 30 million Illegal Aliens occupy our country and they are getting restless.  As they get more comfortable in the surroundings of their illegal occupation, they get more confident, more arrogant.

Gone is the myth of impoverished Mexican People seeking safe haven.  Gone is the myth that the vast majority of those occupying our country illegally are behaving legally.  And gone is the myth that this flood of invaders actually benefits our economy and culture.  Far from benefiting our economy they have proven to be 'human leeches' sucking the life's blood of our economy.  They take far more than they give ... if they give anything at all.

Safe travel to and from Mexico has been dicey at best as conditions for American tourists in Mexico have declined drastically as evidenced by the most kidnapping and execution of American tourists.  These are Americans, our people, and the Biden Administration is turning a blind eye to such horrible events.

Whose side is Joe Biden on?

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Trafficking drugs, children, women, and terrorists has become such a threat that complete isolation is warranted.  We need a wall.  We need aerial reconnaissance.  We need a military presence on the border.  We need authorization to engage invaders and treat them as enemy combatants.

The Southern Border Crisis has escalated to a full-scale invasion.  Anyone who has visited the border [with the exception of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris] will tell you things have gotten completely out of hand.  Anyone dealing in the economics of the situation can tell you that these invaders are sucking the life's blood out of our financial, medical, education, and out of our very lives.  Wake up!  We are under attack and there is no viable argument to the contrary.

Unmonitored, unfiltered, unchecked and unwashed, virtually anyone can walk into the U.S. and quickly blend into the population.  With over 30 million illegal aliens in our country, America's personal security is in peril.  Increasing numbers of this criminal element are breaking into our homes, raping, killing, kidnapping, and burning down property.  On top of this they are bringing in the most dangerous drugs one can imagine and poisoning our children, brothers and sisters, friends, and even our parents.  Phentanyl [pronounced fen-ten-ill] is their current, but not only, drug of choice.

Gerald Guala, an El Paso rancher, has been driven from his ancestral home in El Paso, Texas.  According to Guala, as many as 100 Illegal Aliens would cross through his property every day.  The Sheriff's department, completely overwhelmed, admitted they hadn't the manpower or budget to help the beleaguered.

As the Illegals tore up fencing, killed livestock, camped out on his land and in his barn, he held the line to protect his home by erecting a wall around the family home.  He felt his family would at least be safe in the house.  He was wrong.

Only a year later in 2022 his wife and son died in a home invasion.  The home was vandalized and everything that was not nailed down was taken.  None of them were ever captured nor are they likely to be.

Says, Guala; "My family has worked this property for over a hundred years.  We've put everything we have into it.  Now I cannot even look at my property, so it is for sale cheap.  One evening I saw illegals lighting a fire in my barn, so I took my shotgun with me.  I fired a shot to scare them off and they ran, but not before they had set fire to the barn.  When the Sheriff's people finally arrived, they gave me a citation for firing my gun.  I was also told that shooting 'at' these b@st@rds would leave me open to criminal prosecution."

The Guala story only serves as one of hundreds of thousands of personal tragedies to strike from the other side of the US/Mexican border.  This story also highlights the high crimes of the Biden Administration in openly aiding the invading armies of the south.  Food, shelter, transportation, education, and money are being poured in front of the Illegal Aliens who occupy our land.  A plethora of financial and material benefits awaits those who will 'bite the carrot' of government complicity and even endorsement of the invasion.

In many cities near the Mexican Border, we find complete political and economic occupation.  High Schools fly the Mexican Flag and students sing the Mexican National Anthem at sports gatherings.  Record cases of Tuberculosis and other diseases long extinct from the US have cropped up in these towns and cities because there is no way to medically screen the millions and millions of Illegals who continue to flood into our border day after day, week after week, month after month, etc. etc. etc.

Even in tiny potato-loving Idaho, a state that borders with Canada, the Illegal situation is getting out of hand.  It's not hard to find hundreds [Idaho estimate is 35,000] of Illegals engaged in day work.  Interesting is that we are so far north and even this tiny state of under 2 million is already saturated with Illegal Aliens.

These estimated 35,000 Illegal Aliens over the age of 16 have no social security number which means that any work they do is 'under the table' and they are not contributing to the tax base in any way, shape, form or fashion.  It is also estimated by US Customs that these Illegals send over 1.2 billion dollars a year back to family members in Mexico.

Further south the enemy occupation has reached crisis proportion as entire city governments are beginning to collapse under the weight of this enemy invasion.

Even though the Biden Administration is pouring record amounts of money and resources to aid the Illegals, it's just not enough.  You see, it's not just Mexico we're dealing with, but the whole world.

Mexico is nicknamed by the NSA as 'The Terminal' because it is through Mexico that known terrorist organizations such as Taliban, El Qaeda, Hamas, and innumerable 'unnamed' terrorist groups inject people into our country.  Their mission: "Wait for the order".

The enemy is no longer at the gates.  The enemy is in Washington.  The enemy is in many state houses and with many state governors, the likes of Gavin Newsome of California, Brad Little of Idaho, and a slew of others either overtly or secretly bowing to the whims of a president and a political party run amok.

What're ya gonna do?  You'd better do something because it may well be that the war is already over, and we have paid for our own defeat.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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