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The 'powers that-be' have divided our country with our colour.

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It all began in earnest when the Berlin Wall Fell, marking the end of the now far-former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [USSR].  Where the Soviets began this 'colouring' among the American People, it took the People's Republic of China's Communist Party [CCP] only minutes to come up with the best way to destroy their arch-enemy, the United States of America [USA] from within.

Knowing the USA to be invincible militarily, the Chinese have played the long game, one step at a time, and assuring that what has been done cannot be undone.

What we've already done is now undoable.

Unlike the USA which seems to take [at best] three steps forward and two steps back, the Chinese are progressing toward their goal of world domination one step at a time.

While working on many fronts, the CCP has concentrated its greater effort on racial division, using what the former USSR had already put in place.  This gave the CCP a platform ready to work from and this made it all the easier to accomplish what I call "The Colouring of America".

Today every aspect of our lives and media are heavily centred on colour or race of people in America.  Over the years the powers that be have moulded Negroes into Black Folks into Coloured People into African-Americans, into Black Americans and finally have landed [for the time being actually] onto the moniker of "People of Colour" ... yep, we've become almost completely colourized.

We've gone so far down the path of colourizing our very speech, thoughts, and behaviour that we are no longer the people we once were.  Men are more effeminate; women more masculine, and government and media paint themselves as both gender and sex neutral.  But they're not.

Our broadcast television networks are heavily bigoted in their pandering to Black Americans.  This is illustrated by the fact that blacks make up less than 12% our population yet they occupy 81% of television programming and 89% of commercial advertising and news programmes.

For instance: It's a terrible faux paw to refer to refer to Black American and his contemporaries as "You people."  This statement alone comes only 2nd-in-command to the dread "n-word" aka n!gger.

Statements you should never hear or be subjected to are, in part anyway ...

● This is the first Superbowl where the opposing quarterbacks are black.

● This makes Barack Obama the nation's first black president.

● This makes Kamala Harris the nation's first black vice president.

● This makes only the 3rd time a Black Supreme Court Justice has been appointed.

And the bigoted beat goes on and on and on.

The media has driven the entire American propaganda machine with Washington in lockstep.  Long in the hip pocket of Party leaders in Beijing thier beat goes on.  At least 60 years can be traced with their 'colour-invasion' of America, one which has thus far proven to be 100% efficiency.

Their 'long game' is working out with virtually no resistance.  The CCP follows a 10-year plan while the USA seems unable to go in a single direction for more than 2 years, give or take the occasional wars we love to take part in ... or even start.

We are a nation dependent on the economics of war.

When a 30-year sports announcer gives even a casual hint of a disparagement toward blacks he finds himself on the street in disgrace.  His 10, 20, or even 30-year career is irrevocably destroyed.

Even sports team owners such as Marge Schott find that a perceived anti-black slur from years earlier can get her slammed to the mat.  She lost her MLB baseball team, half of her fortune, and was banned from even attending ball games when a recording of a casual conversation from years leaked that she had used the word, "n!gg@r".  What in Hell is wrong with this picture?

Look around you and ask yourself, "How far down the rabbit-whole of perceived prejudice" have I fallen?"

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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