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El Salvador’s “Escape Proof” Prison … a look at our future?

In light of the heinous Patriot Act, this could be our future.

How is the United States involved in this?

Even a cursory glance toward a prison designed to ultimately house 40,000 inmates under supposedly ‘escape proof’ conditions should serve as a warning to the world.  Already the first 2,000 inmates have been herded in, stripped, abused, and subjugated to the conditions of what the government of El Salvador calls “The Ultimate Inescapable Prison”.

Okay, so they built a super-duper max prison designed to house an entire city’s population [40,000 people] and have made it escape proof to boot.  The inevitable human rights violations that must be perpetrated to maintain such a large population are of great concern to human rights organizations across the globe … and to me as well.


What is of greatest concern is the fact that this prison will be housing tens of thousands of people who have been ‘disappeared’ from the streets of this small Latin American Country.  In El Salvador where security forces [paramilitary police] are permitted to arrest anyone they wish on nothing more than a suspicion, it’s feared this prison in Tecoluca, a small city about 50 miles from the capitol, could set a horrible precedent.

Until recently, the government of El Salvador has had little success in stifling raging gang warfare on its streets.  Their cost of human life is inestimable as thousands continue to fall victim to the vicious and often deadly violence of gang bangers gone wild.  In a declaration of war against all gang bangers in the country, President Nayib Bukele had this huge super-duper max prison built.  His boast is that The Centre for Confinement of Terrorism is the largest prison in the Americas.

● The word ‘Terrorism’ hides a multitude of sins! ●

That means this prison alone eclipses any in the United States, a country infamous for housing the largest number of prison and jail inmates in the world … even more than Communist China, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Israel, and the combined populations of prison inmates in the Middle East.  That’s some boast!

America uses the word ‘Terrorism’ to hide its sins. ●

Here’s the fear:  According to multiple sources within the organization, the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] pretty much footed the bill for construction of this prison.  Through their bottomless slush funds and by siphoning off money from all sorts of commitments ranging from disaster relief to the Ukraine War they proposed, designed, contracted, and constructed this prison.

The same contractors were also present in the construction or remodeling of other infamous prisons such as Manzhouli Prison in China, Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq, and a host of other horrific ‘detention centres’ in nations ranging from Israel to the Czech Republic.

With virtually unbridled authority of the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security [America’s Secret Police] has the ‘authority’ to disappear anyone they want on mere suspicion alone.  This is reflected in the unbridled police powers given the El Salvadoran security forces.  We must be concerned when America and El Salvador mirror each other’s principles, powers, and prisons.

According to Alvin DeLuca, DHS; “The El Salvadoran SuperMax is a model with which we are deeply involved.  Of course, we’ve had a hand in its implementation and operation.  We’re already learning a great deal from the handling and management of so many people in a facility of this size and type.  We’ll learn a lot more as time goes on and as the prison population grows.  Right now, we [the US Government] rendition untold numbers of people believed to be somewhere around 65,000 at present, and handle more and more people every day.  We have a policy of renditioning anyone we deem to be a threat to the operation of the US government directly or disruption of its policies and goals.

Renditioning is the process of ‘disappearing’ people and dropping them off infriendly state citiesin Eastern Europe.  Most notably are the cities of Zagreb, Bratislava, Prague, and BelgradeGuantanamo Prison has become way too expensive and accessible to the press so we are shutting it down as smoothly and quickly as we can.  While we do get ‘bargain rates’ of around $US11 a day from our Eastern European partners we’re always looking to cut costs and it seems that mega prisons like this one could be the answer.

I admit to more than a little concern with the comfort and candor of Mr. DeLuca.  He seems committed to the course of building and filling prisons as fast as possible and likewise comfortable with the CIA/DHS policy of ‘renditioning’.  I’m sure his is an attitude shared by others in the government and I’ve freely divulged his real name in this article.

Is this super-duper mega prison in El Salvador merely a portent of things to come in ‘the land of the free’?  I believe it is and am issuing a warning to all who read this article, listen to my post, or find more information on this disturbing topic.  You need to really study just who you are putting in or keeping in elected office.  If we don’t more closely supervise them all, CIA and DHS prisons like this one could soon be at your back door, if they aren’t here already.

● Mega Max Prisons are coming to a city near you! ●

Vote, meditate and pray, study the candidates, and get off your damn lazy butts and make something good happen!  You have afforded state governors and city mayors far too much power already.  Your congressional and senatorial representatives at the state and federal level are largely co-opted.  Your addled and senile president is an indirect servant, a puppet if you will, of the government of Beijing, China.  Your teachers, preachers, pastors, presidents, and even the Pope now serve ‘The Higher Order’ of world domination.

It breaks my heart to be here at this time.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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