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Commercials on broadcast TV hog over 1/3 of airtime.

For those of you who watch broadcast television, there seems to be more infomercial and charity begging than actual television programming.  Gone are the days when there were firm limits on just how much time in advertising they could squeeze out of an hour.  It was tolerable back then, but now it's gotten a whole lot worse.

When you tune in broadcast television the first thing you see, at the top of every hour, is a series of promotional ads reminding you what channel you are watching and telling you about the shows coming up.  When these marginally informative spots have finished it's time for about 5 minutes of the show you tuned in to watch.  But that's only the beginning.


The next hour will see 39 minutes of actual content [38 minutes if you count opening or closing credits] and the rest is all commercials, infomercials, public service announcements, government propaganda, and a variety of programming announcements.  Yes, when you watch broadcast television this is what you get.

I can remember when a commercial break lasted about 11/2 minutes, giving enough time to leave the room and take care of any business.  You could go into the kitchen, pour a glass of your favourite drink, wash your hands, and be back just in time for your show to resume.


Today these commercial breaks run anywhere from 4 to 5 minutes.  Yes, now have time to more than just grab a snack, take a bathroom break, wash your hands, feed the dog, pick up around the house, write a speech, and maybe even do your taxes!  It's worse than stupid, it's insidious!

Even more deplorable than the full 1/3 of the hour being taken up with insipid ads is their content.  How often must I be subjected to 4 and 5 minute spots where a children's hospital parades deformed, crippled, and needy children as they beg for contributions.  I am well aware that these conditions exist, but I don't need to be constantly reminded by a child with no arms and legs, or perhaps half of her skull missing.  There are tasteful ways to ask for donations ... and this is not one of them.

Just how long must I endure ads by lawyers and pharmaceutical firms reminding me that we are all victims.  Just how long must I endure the viral government propaganda reminding us that we need to inject everyone from age 6 months to 100 with a still-experimental chemical cocktail?  Then there are the 'guaranteed acceptance' life insurance policies being hawked to the elderly.  Even a cursory glance shows just how unacceptably expensive they are but hey, their pitch man looks to be so trustworthy.

Every morning when I wake up I am reminded that my car must be covered by an optional warranty program.

I remember that because I was once stationed at Camp LeJeune I am probably a victim of chemical contamination.  I am reminded that the Psychiatric Industrial Complex has put millions of Americans on psychotropic drugs, addicting them for life.

It is brought to my attention that there is a parade of crippled, disfigured, and disadvantaged children waiting for my $9.95 a month.  Finally, there are the equally insipid ads showing dogs abandoned in the snow and they remind me that I can 'save a life' by giving them another $9.95 a month.  My donation will allow them to clean, medicate, feed, and exterminate the dogs you just paid to 'save'.  Oopsie!  Did I say, 'exterminate'?  They don't tell you that.

My gripe is largely about the time these rattle-snake advertisers take from my entertainment so they can spend 4 minutes showing me how to use a flashlight, shave my head, spray paint makeup on my face, or whatever!

Is there any wonder why people are dropping broadcast television like a hot rock in their pants?  There are lots of reasons why broadcast television is slowly but surely dying the death of a thousand cuts.


I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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