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Volume #05291020                            May 28, 2023

The Story of a Courageous Cat, a Forthright Feline

A furry hero who didn't hesitate to rescue the unfortunate.

On a bright sunny day an unnamed brown cat strolled across the plaza.  It was a nice day and the plaza was brightly lit and peaceful ... or so it seemed.  Unseen and lurking in the harsh shadows of the noonday sun was a black cat.  This wasn't just any black cat, but a V.B.C. [Vicious Black Cat] which leapt from hiding and set upon the peaceful and unsuspecting brown cat.

Look at this video: Superhero cat comes flying to the rescue | Watch (

As seen in this video, there was no provocation but only evil in the heart of this dark-furred assassin wannabe.  Like a torpedo the VBC can be seen streaking across the plaza and totally overpowering the unsuspecting brown cat in a matter of seconds.

As the brown cat fights for its life in comes 'Super Cat'.  Leaping from a nearby balcony our hero displays the compassion and courage so rare among cats today.  As our hero hit the ground he immediately set upon the evildoer, driving the would-be assassin back into the shadows from whence it came.  The brown victim was not seriously hurt and was treated and released at a local veterinary clinic.  All is well because of 'Super Cat'.

This is in Sichuan Province, China.  No people there do not eat cats ... honest!  I can't say the same though for eating dogs.  Well, there you have it; a case of unprovoked black-on-brown feline violence was quelled by the heroic action of a cat who wasn't afraid to step up to the plate.

Boo on those V.B.C. [Violent Black Cats] and hooray for the courage of an otherwise uninvolved cat who wasn't afraid to step up to the plate.

Click this video and see for yourself: Superhero cat comes flying to the rescue | Watch (

Heroes can be found if you look long and hard enough.  I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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