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Umpire rescues boy from dust devil at baseball game

Amazing natural or perhaps 'supernatural' occurrence.

Watch this and you tell me what you saw:

We've all seen those swirling miniature cyclones, they pop up out of nowhere, kick up a lot of dust, and then just as suddenly they disappear.  Well, they can be fun to watch but for a 7-year-old boy, not a lot of fun to be inside of.

Dateline, Jacksonville, Florida -- Young Bauer Zoya, age 7, was just behind home plate ready to catch the next pitch.  The pitcher was ready to wind up when, out of nowhere, a dust devil formed exactly around home plate and quickly engulfed the boy.  As mini-cyclone grew in intensity one could hardly see the boy for the devil.

A bit of a scare, but the umpire was there.  Umpire Aidan Wiles, age 17, quickly responded to the dust-up and picked up the small catcher carrying him to safety.

Well, I'm not so sure the kid was in any real danger, but he certainly got a mouthful of dust.  I suppose one has gotta ask this question. "What are the odds of a dust devil rising exactly on home plate and perfectly around the boy?"

I spoke with meteorologist, Dr. Alan Quail who says, "Dust devils are an enigma and generally harmless.  In this case, having watched the video a number of times, I'm shocked the devil would form around an object as large as a 7-year-old boy.  Dust devils don't usually form around things, animals, or people.  Anything entering a dust devil almost always causes it to dissipate.  In this case, the dust devil actually seemed to gain in strength right up until the moment the boy was physically removed from the eye of the dust devil.

The minute the boy was lifted out of the dust column, it can be seen to dissipate almost immediately.  It's almost as though it was feeding on the boy and when deprived of his presence it 'starved' and went away."

There's another mystery with a happy ending.  I think there was a lot more than a swirling column of air involved and I think if the boy had been left alone in the eye of the devil he might have been consumed.  In the lad's own words, what was a 10 second ordeal felt like 10 minutes.  Is this evidence of a time shift or dimensional vortex?  Is this something more sinister or evil?  You tell me.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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