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How is it we have become so thin-skinned?

As a boy I remember listening to and speaking with others on all manner of things.  I was taught that openness in conversation and ideas was one of the things that once made America great.  We told jokes about each other and, as racially diverse as my circle of friends was, we told n!ggr jokes, t@co b@ndr jokes, J@w jokes, and of course we told a lot of Irish, Italian, and Polish jokes.  The gist of this is that they were jokes, innocent humour, and nothing more.

Lighten up!  It's just a joke!

I never once saw one of my pals or other friends take offence at the jokes told.  In fact, we were all pretty good at countering a joke-for-a-joke ... in our own sophomoric way.  Well, that was then.

That was then.  This is now!

This is now!  Thanks to the incredibly effective leftist rewriting of the English language and sculpting of our very social behaviour and conversation, we are now a people inflicted with a language of 'new speak'.  Our once beautiful and elegant language has become one of thermonuclear possibility and 'end of the world' promise.

Time after time we have seen movie stars, broadcasters, and talking heads of every stripe branded as bigots and worse for an innocent a slip of the tongue.  Such slips are understandable as most of those being roasted on the fire of today's political correctness are of my generation, having grown up in the 1960's and 70's.  Old habits die hard, but if you don't break them they can kill your future.

Here's the lowdown.  Here's the frightful result of this 'language sculpting' and 'idea shaping':  In a world where 'hate crime' laws presume to actually read your mind and interpret your thoughts and where certain words once common in the language are now only allowed among the privileged few, we are slaves to the edicts of the left.

Some words are reserved for 'special' people or races.

Watch what you say and watch what you think.  Watch what you do and watch what you may be thinking of doing or saying.  Watch it!  Watch out for 'Neighbour Nazis' and most importantly watch yourself!  Watch yourself?  Hell yah!  Watch yourself at all times!

Today our very neighbours, bent to the angle of social correctness required, have become our police.  Gladly ratting us out, they feel it their civic duty to keep us in line ... their line ... the leftist line.  In the grand traditions of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Maoist China, we are becoming our own 'police force' in service to the government!

Let me tell you about this: My friend Jerry was in the break room chatting with a couple of buddies and having a beer at lunch time.  In the course of their break room chat Jerry used the word n!ggr twice in casual passing.  His friends used the word a couple of times, and one of these guys is black.  Nobody was offended, at least nobody in this little group of buddies.

There was no malice and there was no bitterness in their socially incorrect exchange of words.  It was 'business as usual' for a group of guys who grew up in the less socially sensitive 70's.

There was no malice or bitterness intended or received.

Then came the dawn of the next day and Jerry was called into his supervisor's office to discuss a matter of 'grave importance'.  Jerry was to find out that a snoopy 'Nazi' in the next room had taken phone video of the encounter.  Jerry's supervisor and the company's HR specialist were beside themselves with horror!  The delicate leftist sensibilities of management were inflamed with politically charged plasma of social justice.

Tit for tat, push for shove, it resulted in the termination of Jerry's 14-year career with a successful company and it resulted in suspension of one of his friends.  Robert, the black man in the group, was never called in to the office.  He was never questioned or charged for his participation in this 'unholy event'.  After all, his 'protected status' left him immune from corporate prosecution.  To his credit, he quit his job in protest for his friends.

Jerry had been found guilty of 'hate speech' and in today's world of social and political correctness there is no appeal and there can be no forgiveness for the ultimate in horrible crimes ... that of 'hate speech'.  Especially horrible is uttering that single most thermonuclear word, n!ggr!  You'll notice that I have had to alter spelling and construction of this 'most horrible and unforgivable' of words.

What have we done?  How have we changed our very way of thinking?  How have we allowed our society to sink into the abyss of social conformity and socialist mind sculpting?  How can we continue to live in the shadow of shame as a 'once great' nation?  How is it that we are no longer the people once lauded as the standard bearer for the world?  However, whatever, whenever, we have lost!  Can we ever win again?  That is the question.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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