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Volume #050911815                            May 9, 2023

Libs Won't Be Pinned Down To The Truth

Senator fails to get a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer.

The pro-left, pro-socialist, are also pro-death.

It seems that filibustering is the only answer you'll get out of pro-death liberals.  It seems that every time a simple question is put to a liberal, they do their damdest to wiggle out of a simple answer.  In this case it's an abortion question and Professor Goodwin, being interviewed tries ... and fails ... to put up a satisfactory response or defence to an obvious prejudice of hers.

When approached with even the simplest 'non-leading' questions, pro-murder and pro-socialism folks get all kinds of bent out of shape and dummy up.  If they don't go stupid in front of your eyes they instead launch transparent and childish attempts to filibuster the question.  In the senate and congress, filibuster is a great way to take away an opponent's time.  This is also the liberals' favourite tool.

In this interview, Senator Kennedy of Louisiana refused to let up under an incredibly shallow and childish attempt by College Professor Goodwin to filibuster his question.  It would seem that if you asked the time of day and she had a Rolex on her wrist, still she'd try and avoid the simplest question, "What time is it?"

Abortion is murder, how much simpler can that be?

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S.  What is it that drives people to want to assassinate our future generations?  What is in their black hearts that drives them forward in their slaughter of the unborn?  What incredibly deviant mindset causes one to vehemently defend a supposed 'right' to murder an unborn child?  It's Satan, pure and simple.

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