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The Pit Bull is the most dangerous house pet!

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An 11-year-old boy was viciously attacked by his aunt’s "therapy dog".  He was visiting her and when left alone with the animal, he became another victim of the rising tide of Pit Bull attacks.

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I want to know about this "therapy dog" crap.  Therapy dog my ass!  Do you realize that the Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes are the most dangerous house pets in America, possibly the world?

Dr. Alan Griswold, D.V.M, PhD says, "The Pit Bull breed has been developed over hundreds of years as a fighting animal.  Not bred for cleverness or gentleness, this is a dog of war.  Even its name "Pit Bull" refers to pit-fighting where dogs tear each other apart as deranged spectators bet on which one will live and which one will die."

I then spoke with Dr. Zachary Stanford, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist.  I asked him about a Pit Bull therapy dog, and he had strong feelings.  He says, "I cannot imagine prescribing a pit bull as a therapy dog.  For that matter I cannot imagine prescribing a therapy animal ... period.  It seems to me this whole trend of therapy animals is mostly a dodge by people who want to take their pets into grocery stores and restaurants.  Their obsession to 'game the system' is often fulfilled when they can claim 'therapy dog status'.  This is a tragedy which should never have happened."

Getting back to the boy, the victim of an aunt's obsession to 'game the system'.  The child was left seriously injured with face, head, eye, and arm wounds and gashes.  According to police the dog, a Pit Bull mix named Aries catapulted from the ground and slammed into the boy almost the minute the two [dog and boy] were left unattended.  After life-saving surgery he is now in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital in New York.

What really pisses me off is that the owner of this dog is blaming the boy and his twin brother for the incident.  She says their presence was overwhelming the 'poor pit bull' and that it merely reacted.  I had to ask Dr. Griswold about this, and he said, "It doesn't take any 'overwhelming' to get a Pit Bull to attack.  Psychotic breaks are common in the breed which is one of many reasons why they are so dangerous that many cities, states, and even countries have banned the breed."

Here's the way I see it!  Ban and destroy the breed.  Eradicate this non-contributing invasive species completely.  Collect and destroy these animals and assign stiff felony penalties for possession of Pit Bulls and any mix of more than 1/4 Pit Bull.

Strong words from a man dedicated to saving the lives of animals and easing their pain, this is indeed revealing.  It only lends credence to the fact that all Pit Bulls must die.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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