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New York City is dead.  A once mighty metropolis, it is dead.

I can remember when "The Big Apple" shone as a beacon to the world.  It was the greatest and arguably the world's largest city.  A hub for commerce, finance, banking, and industry this city stood out from all the rest.  The 5 boroughs each had their own flavour, their own nuance of lifestyle, and shined in their own ways.

Sure, there were problems with street gangs and organized crime.  Sure, the city council and mayor were always 'on the take', and sure there were always health problems.  In a city of 8 million one must expect certain issues, but not suffer unto death as New York has done.

Gone are the safe havens of the business district or Walnut Street's once thriving 'Chinatown'.  Gone are the luxury shops and boutiques that once lined Park Avenue and gone is the pleasance of strolling through Central Park on a Sunday afternoon.

Under 'progressive' leadership, this city has fallen into ruin.  Crime is completely out of control as police officers are leaving the force like rats from a burning ship.  I don't blame them for leaving either.  Today police in New York are afraid to stop a Black man or other 'protected class citizen' in the commission of a crime for fear of being sued or even imprisoned for violation of his 'civil rights'.  Procedural violations were filed against nearly 1/3 of the police force in just a 3-year period.  Underpaid, understaffed, under trained, disrespected, and vulnerable officers are smart enough to get out while they can.

Fire and rescue services are limping along on a shoestring, having lost hundreds of nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and firemen and women.  Indeed, New York has had to close some fire stations because they can no longer staff them.  Many of New York's Bravest are leaving because the pay does not come up to the level of the danger.  Firemen, paramedics, EMTs and even office workers coming off work are being mugged, shot at, beaten, and robbed.  It's not safe to wear any uniform of any kind in New York City.

Garbage is stacked in the streets because many neighbourhoods are unserviceable.  The trash collectors are being robbed in their trucks.  They fear for their lives as they trundle their 20-ton behemoths through the narrow alleyways and into the darkened streets of early morning.  A trash truck driver stands a better chance of being mugged than a senior citizen with a cane and flashing a roll of 20's.

Taxi Drivers, those Kamikaze daredevils of the streets are resigning in large numbers.  Between the incredibly high cost of a 'medallion' to operate their cabs, drivers are scared to death they will meet their death while on the job.  Cabbies are 'prime beef' to muggers, robbers, and murderers as they accept virtually any creep into their car and take them wherever they want to go.  Shit, I'd think working in a nitro glycerine factory over a geological fault would be less risky than that!

Public schools have been completely destroyed with the influx of illegal alien children, most of whom don't even speak English and those who do are so bad at it that every classroom needs an interpreter.

Sad is that these interpreters are neither licensed nor qualified to do so and are you ready for this?  Interpreters are paid more than the teachers for whom they are interpreting.  Insult to injury, class sizes rival those of Communist China with as many as 80 children in a classroom.

Hospitals are overrun and clinics have shuttered.  The Illegals, criminals, and impoverished pour into these places like rabid fans at a football game offering free beer.  And the medical care is free to them.  This is yet another bill the city and state cannot afford to pay.  No wonder New York is bankrupt!

With complete shutdown looming on the horizon of a city hopelessly in debt and bankrupt, its citizens are selling out, often at a loss, and leaving the state entirely.  There is already a 5-month wait for moving companies to load up homes and move them out.  The demand has created a boom industry of 'relocation' but there are still so few who will drive into the festering and fetid swamp of New York streets and risk their lives to stay still for a few hours.

With record numbers of people leaving, and virtually nobody coming in, New York rivals California for its growing numbers of 'refugee' exits.  Yes, those leaving consider themselves to be refugees fleeing from the oppression, danger, and real risk of life in and around New York City.

With corrupt progressive minorities running the show, and with organized crime and unions [same thing] the city has lost competent law enforcement, fire service, rescue service, medical service, welfare services, and judiciary as the courts are completely overrun and so many prosecuting attorneys are 'on the take'.

In the land of the cashless bail and police afraid to act it's only a matter of time before this 'textbook chaos' in The Big Apple and virtually all of America's major cities spreads to the rest of the country.  The Big Apple is the fuse to the dynamite of total 'Mad Max' chaos.  That fuse has been lit and is burning short.  We need order, and we need it now.

The solution: A Commander-in-Chief who has the guts and desire to call in the military, shoot looters, police the streets with compassion, and usher in new police, fire, medical, refuse collection, welfare services, judiciary, and all of which make up a real city, not a cesspool.

Vote your conscience, your heart, your soul, and vote for Donald Trump for president.

● He's our last and only hope ●

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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