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Here we go again?  Not me.

Any thinking American can see, but not necessarily admit, that the 2-year prison sentence we all served under the charge of Covid for nothing.

The spread of the virus which is still of questionable threat level has been 'ginned up' and exaggerated by the media.  Media and government conspired to scare the shit out of us and force us into masking, distancing, and even receiving chemical injections of highly questionable value and with the very real risk of chromosomal and genetic damage.

The nation's economy is still recovering from the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that closed their doors forever, the hundreds of thousands of suicides and even more mental illnesses.  Thousands were arrested on the dubious charge of "endangering the public health" for refusing to wear facemasks, distance, or even stay in their homes.

During those 2 years of shame, we listened to once respected authorities such as Dr. Anthony Fauci lie again and again, constantly tailoring the truth to fit their own narrative.  We watched as a select number of pharmaceutical firms raked in over a trillion dollars from the federal government.  We watched as those same firms were allowed to force their chemicals into the systems of hundreds of millions of people, not knowing what the long-term effects would be.

Pharmaceutical firms pressed the facts that their chemical concoctions falsely labelled as 'vaccinations' did absolutely nothing to suppress or prevent transmission or contagion of the virus.  The fact is that all of these chemical shots were nothing more than symptom suppressors, possibly reducing the strength of symptoms but not definitely doing so.

Refusing to admit that long-term effects might well be horrific, big pharma continued to press their chemical injections.  The government even supported mandatory vaccinations, forcing hundreds of millions of people to 'take the injection' or be ostracised, lose their jobs, be denied access to travel and trade, and even be jailed.  The government went so far as to roll out 'vaccine passports' which fortunately, fell flat on their face as Americans began to finally wake up to the insanity.

It is now, only a year or so since the hysteria has subsided, and already the government is preparing to play the same card again.  Already many state governments as well as Biden and his cohorts are preparing to do it all over again!  Yes, they are preparing to mandate masking, distancing, and even a new round of injections promising to do what the others never did.

This, people, is an exercise in control, a measure of enslavement, and is all directed at further subjugating the people.  Our government has done such things before, but never on such a scale.

"Fool me once, shame on you ... Fool me twice, shame on me."

Are you going to put up with this deadly foolishness once again?  Are you prepared for the same thing, all based on lies, secrets, and fake news?  Are you ready to see how the number of Covid deaths will skyrocket yet, as during the last hysteria; there will be practically no influenza deaths? 

Yes, the flu kills about 130,000 Americans every year.  These people die from the flu and frequently accompanying pneumonia.  Somehow, anyone testing positive for Covid [these tests were never more accurate than about 18% for the home tests and 23% for the hospital tests] who died from pneumonia or flu-like symptoms was labelled a Covid death.

I heard of a man who was run over in an intersection by a truck and, because he had tested positive for Covid, his was ruled a Covid death.  Although his back and neck were broken and he died from blunt force trauma, pronounced dead at the scene, the hospital still labelled his a Covid death because he had tested positive with this 23% accurate test for Covid.

It's this simple.  If you don't stand in defiance of this scam, the next government scheme may well be theirs, and your, last.  Once total control has been put into effect it will never end.  Our nation will live under an eternal 'state of emergency' and you will all live under an eternal state of enslavement.

Stand and be counted.  Resist the injections.  Resist masking.  Resist dictatorship.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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