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Volume: 949                         November 30, 2021


One scary name for hundreds of ‘variant’ mutations

Come one people, where’s your common sense?  You all need to pull your heads out and realize what’s happening here.  The Wuhan Corona Virus (WCV-19) is behaving just like any corona variant; it’s mutating and splitting off.  Normally this would be a slow but definite process as our little bugs of Corona mutate and, as we’re seeing, grow weaker but more contagious.

Click here for Dr. Malone’s thoughts on this.  Remember that he invented the mRNA process for making these deadly injections:

Weaker but more contagious” means the new variants are far more transmissible than their progenitors.  However, they are also weaker insofar as the seriousness of symptoms and lasting injury.  The Delta Variant, for example, is far more easily transmitted but is far less dangerous and highly unlikely to hospitalise the patient.  That means you’re far less likely to die from a Delta Variant infection than the earlier one.  Clear?  Good!  Let’s move on here.

Remember that it took about three weeks for the WHO (Beijing’s bedfellows) to find a scary name for this one.  Well, whenever you want scary sounding words or letters, go to the Greek Alphabet.  Here we have the latest scary word, “Omicron”.  Ooh!  The Omicron Variant is loose!  Whatever will we do?

Along comes Anthony Fauci, ever striving to remain relevant, a man long due for a life-sentence in an Eastern European contract prison.  Yes, here comes the President’s Medical Spokes-liar with his ‘blockbuster’ statement that “Omicron is probably already here.  Duh!  Ya think so Anthony?  In a world where there are tens of thousands of airliners crossing our sky every day and people are more mobile than ever before, yours is hardly an astute observation.

There’s an even darker side to this ‘Omicron’ farce, and its this: Studies in Israel, Sweden, and Great Britain suggest that these variants are being helped along in their mutation by …. are you ready … the mRNA injections being administered as ‘vaccines’?

In an article from Christian Daily, the headline reads as follows: mRNA Technology Inventor Says Fully Vaccinated People Are ‘Super-Spreaders’ for COVID.  Dr. Malone explains why getting the gene therapy (mRNA cocktails are NOT vaccines) actually makes one a super spreader.  The very chemistry of this new genetic concoction makes the recipient far more contagious.  It also feeds the mutagenic process, creating more and more variants than would normally be created.  In essence, these injections are actually ‘feeding the beast’ and actually causing the increased spread and incidence of variation.

Let me make this simple: Get the shot, and spread a lot.  Take the injection and you become an incubator for the creation of more and more variants.  Got it?  The worst thing you can do, if you really love your family, is take this injection.  It is, for lack of a better word, a Virus Bomb!

The New York Post printed Fauci’s latest ‘brilliant’ statement of fact.  Why in Hell isn’t this bastard already in jail?

Click here:

So there you have it.  Stupidity, hysteria, and a sheep-like following of the people are leading us all to our deaths.  Here’s the bottom line:  “We have Anthony Fauci to blame for this.”  Without his funding China may never have gone down this road of research.  Without Fauci’s myriad lies and deceptions this virus may have been allowed to ‘run its course’ in the initial release.  According to Doctor Malone and a host of other physicians and scientists [me included] Anthony Fauci has the blood of over 500,000 on his hands.

There is a place for Fauci both on this earth and in the hereafter, and both are Hell.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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