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Volume: 915                               November 6, 2021



Religion in America has been under siege for years, but never so heavily as today.  The Biden Administration took great pains to cut any possible funding for religious organizations in his ‘Build Back Better’ bill.

Religion in America, almost all of it, has long been under federal control as a result of the IRS part 501c under which they register as non-profit organizations.  The tax free status of churches is a hammer in the hands of the IRS.  Tax officials have many stringent rules and regulations … and a lot of strings … attached for the ‘privilege’ of not paying taxes.

Churches all pretty much tow the line.  From giants like the Catholic and Latter-day Saint churches to that little chapel on the corner, the government has more control over them than you could possibly imagine.  Essentially, these churches are “serving two masters” as said in a quote from the office of the Dali Llama.  Take a close look at what your church is telling you.

It doesn’t stop there.  In this new world of vaccine mandates, corporations and government agencies are denying the right of religious objection from those not wishing the injection.  Recently a devout Catholic applied [why in hell should he have toapply] for religious exemption.  His objection was based on the fact that all current Covid injections are made with aborted fetal tissue.  This is a strong tenet, even dogma, of the Catholic Church, but it’s apparently not good enough, because he was refused the right to follow his beliefs and told to take the shot or get fired.  He quit his job of 17 years.

When anyone can curb your religious beliefs or get you to ‘lie down and take it’ in the face of your own deeply held beliefs, the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is dead!  With our constitution under fire and the 1st Amendment not being upheld even by the courts, we must prepare for the worst.  You can bet this paves the way for destruction of the 2nd, 3rd, and so on, amendments to the Constitution.

What’s next, slavery?  Millions of American employees across the nation are already slaves to the unrighteous rules, demands, and commands of their peers, churches, employers, and government.

We’re in it deep folks. We’re in it deep.  If you don’t revolt now it will be too late!  Rise up and be heard.  Stand and be counted.  Civil Disobedience is the only thing left before we must resort to armed conflict!  Object and demonstrate.  Do it now.  The clock is ticking!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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