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Volume: 947                         November 27, 2021


The ‘name game’ has gotten silly.  It’s time we grew up!

Originally engineered as a bio-weapon, the Wuhan Corona Virus is finding new life in the propaganda of the World Health Organization and Mass Media of the West.

Long a tool of Communist China, W.H.O. continues their campaign of disinformation and manipulation.  Under direction of their handlers in Beijing, W.H.O. is working hand-in-hand with Communist China, who in turn controls all major media of the West.

Answering the command of their masters in Beijing, the press is trying to get some traction with yet another ‘New Variant’ of the deadly [not as deadly as they would make it sound] Wuhan Corona Virus.  Given the name “B.1.1.529” this variant is being touted as “the end of the world” by the alarmist press, with a little shove from the folks at W.H.O.

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I remember when the Wuhan Virus was originally named “nCoV-19”, a name that wasn’t really scary enough, so they renamed it, “Covid-19”.  Now there was a scary name.  Spooky huh? “Covid-19”.

When this name wore thin and things started settling down, along came W.H.O. with a scarier newer variant which they named, ‘Double-Mutant’.  That name just wasn’t scary.  Somehow this name was just too ‘over the top’ for the average person to absorb.

Desperate for a really spooky name, one the people would fear, their spin-doctors came up with this really scary name “Delta Variant”.  Now there was a name they could sink their teeth into.  It even sounds scary, “Delta Variant”.  The W.H.O., under direction from their handlers and masters in Beijing, had finally found a name that would propel the west into subjugation.  Well, they thought so at least.

Nearly a year later, the so-called ‘Delta Variant’ slowed down and folks had gotten used to this scary name.  Enter W.H.O. again, this time with a name that came straight out of either the Greek Alphabet or maybe a farmer’s barnyard.  This newer, supposedly deadlier, variant was named ‘Mu Variant’.  Pronounced ‘moo’ as in the sound a cow makes, this name got even less traction than did ‘Double-Mutant’ and the public didn’t even flinch.  It didn’t work!  So what now?

Since names aren’t working, our friends in Beijing have decided to invent yet another variant but this time they’re going to label it with a series of letters and numbers, much like the latest version of a video game.  They’ve gotta come up with a ‘real’ name, because this new strategy is really an old one.  Wasn’t it originally named ‘nCoV-19’?  Look where that got them.

Give them time to come up with another scary name.  Maybe they’ll return to the Greek Alphabet with names like ‘Omega Variant’, or maybe ‘Gamma Variant’, or how about this one … ‘End of the World – Vampires are loose in Trannsylvania - Variant’.

Isn’t it time we got back to the business of our daily business?  Remember that, while this new variant will certainly spawn more of its own, this is typical behaviour for any Corona Virus.

When I say, “Any” I mean just that.  Remember too that the Common Cold [not really so common] is itself a Corona Virus and often mutates hundreds of times, spawning hundreds of so-called ‘variants’.

Man has been chasing a cure for ‘the common cold’ for hundreds of years and without success because it, like the Wuhan Virus, is by nature a mutagenic [that means it changes a lot] illness.

Drug manufacturers are no closer to curing the common cold now than they were hundreds of years ago.  Likewise is their failure to cure the latest strain or virus, or mutant or whatever in hell you want to call it, of the Wuhan Corona Virus.  The way to beat these ‘doomsday diseases’ is to treat them like the seasonal things that they are and, in short time, things will get back to normal.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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