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Deranged would-be killer stabs ten people on commuter train

The Japanese people, at large, are far more pragmatic than we in the West.  They tend to be far more logical and less panicky.  No, to upset and drive the Japanese people into panic takes a lot more than a senseless knife attack on a commuter train.

Dateline Tokyo, Japan – A crazy man went on a rampage on a commuter train in Tokyo.  He stabbed at least ten people before police managed to subdue him.  He is in custody now awaiting formal charges.

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This makes you wonder why we, as Americans, are blind to any news happening beyond our own borders.  American news media would cover this in a blow-by-blow account in nauseating detail.  For days they would parade ‘experts’ to try and explain the why and wherefore of this crime.

Almost certainly, American politicians and forces from the left would be crying for laws to limit knife possession.  I can see it now; blade length and handle length would be under scrutiny.  Licensing and registration of any ‘assault style’ knives would most certainly be discussed among the knee-jerk left and the lazier-than-hell right.

In short, what in Hell is wrong with us?  Why do we so exploit death and injury in such a way as to demonize objects rather than people?  What makes an AR-15 Sporting Rifle any more evil than the man who used it in a crime?  How is it that, in England, knives are controlled and blade length, mechanism of blade delivery [meaning how fast the blade can be coming out of its handle in the case of a folding knife] and even the cost of the knife?

It’s simple.  Britons have never been a truly ‘free’ country and have been conditioned to bow to their government’s command without question.  This gives their government which owns virtually all media in the UK to paint objects or people as evil in any way that suits their purpose or intent.  The same conditions exist in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand which are arguably still territories or holdings of Great Britain.

Let me close with this.  We can take a lesson from the Japanese, and there are no lessons they can take from us.  Why is this?

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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