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What's good for the goose not necessarily good for the gander

Our thin-skinned society has thrown justice out the window

Don't you just love the "He said ... She said" mentality?  Here's yet another of tens of thousands of unsubstantiated allegations that got someone suspended or fired on the spot!  In today's society, HR no longer means 'Human Resources'; it means 'He's Rotten'.  Gestapoesque HR departments nationwide stand poised to suspend and/or fire anyone ever accused of sexual, racial, or even verbal impropriety.

See story:

Dateline Google -- Ryan Olohan, aged 48, has accused Google of firing him after a top female exec accused him of sexual impropriety.  In fact, according to eye witnesses, it was she who groped him in an untoward sexual advance.

Olohan asserts that Tiffany Miller, a 'double - protected minority' and top Google exec groped him at a Chelsea restaurant and told him she knew he liked Asian women — which Miller is.  This is according to a federal lawsuit filed in Manhattan.

Papers filed assert that Miller rubbed Olohan’s abs, complimented his physique, and told him her marriage lacked “spice.”  Here's the real rub: Paul Arnahan witnessed the event and, according to him, "She was all over him like a blanket in Alaska.  He kept pushing her away, politely, but this wasn't enough 'cause when she stormed away she said, "You haven't heard the last of me!"

When Olohan went to Google HR he faced the invulnerability of a woman's and a 'double-protected minority's' status.  Olohan was fired shortly after lodging his complaint 2 days before Miller gave her account in response to a request by HR.  It appears that HR, having received Miller's allegedly fabricated account, made the decision to fire Olohan without investigation of any kind.  Miller is a 'double-protected' worker by way of being female and Asian.  That's an almost unbeatable whammy, especially when you are a mere Caucasian male.

In today's society, evidence doesn't matter because the rules of "He said ... She said." only apply in favour of the minority, female, or whatever other protected class is involved.  In any case it's this simple; being male and white ... counts against you in today's corporate society.  In their eyes you are guilty as charged no matter how ridiculous the charge or charges may be.

Witnesses?  Close Circuit Video?  It doesn't matter because you, my Caucasian male friend, are screwed!

How did we get here from there?  Increasingly our courts are applying the same slanted form of justice, believing the complaint of a single person, substantiated or not, is sufficient to mark a man guilty as charged!  Well, I invite the justice system and any HR department to justify their repeated injustices.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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