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Our society has lost its civility, and that's a crying shame.

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It has taken Western Society thousands of years to reach a climax of civility, manners, and good taste ... only to have it all tossed in the shit can in less than 50 years!  It's common knowledge that it takes years to build a castle, and only hours to tear it down.  Our 'castle' has been civility, which is the lubricant of a united society, and the fuel that drives the engine of understanding and charm.

Let's put it in English so the less educated among us can understand what I'm saying.  Just 50 short years ago we were a society of manners and good taste.

● Men tipped the hat [or at least touched its brim] when seeing a woman, assumed to be a lady.

● Women gently nodded assent at this 'salute to womanhood' as they passed by.

Those were kinder, gentler times.  I remember that, even if the man had no hat [the joy of sporting a good hat is another matter] he would still nod in the woman's direction and possibly bring his hand, open palm, up near his breast.  This sort of casual and constant exchange of civility really did a lot to maintain the sweetness and warmth or our society.  I miss those times, although I still touch the brim of my hat when passing a woman presumed to be a lady.

Okay, so I've opened up a can of worms here in who is and who is not presumed to be a lady or a man for that matter.  The general behaviour and appearance, carriage and projected attitude are the keys to presumption of lady hood.  When I see or meet a woman with visible tattoos, extreme piercings, and scandalous dress [now there's another thing to be discussed at some time] it's hard for me to consider her as a lady, but more as a mere person devoid of class, manners, or bearing.

● Men opened doors and seated women.  A gentle gesture, a nod, and an open chair are the man's social responsibility when seating a lady.

● Women were ladylike enough to thank the man for this gesture and take a seat as he settles her into her chair.

Oh, the men always sit last.  Women first, always!

These were times when the respect of lady hood and the courtesy of manhood were at their best.  While this custom is still practiced today, it has become something of a rarity.  So rare is it that, as I watched a friend offer a woman her chair, she simply pulled out another chair and sat down.  This was not a gesture of 'women's rights' but simply ignorance as to why this man was holding a chair out.  Devoid of the customs of a gentle society, she took a seat as she probably always has.  More's the shame on us all!

● Men and women refrained from 'visible' tattoos.  There is a distracting 'back to the jungle' quality that tattoos impart.  This is especially so when they are 'visible' on the hands, neck and face, lower legs, or even on a forearm with short sleeves or sleeves rolled up.  The sign of a tattoo has always been one of crudeness, a lack of social awareness, personal insecurity, or a sign of selfishness.  This is especially the case when a woman shows tattoos.

A woman with visible tattoos is not a lady!

The presence of visible tattoos has, is, and always will be a sign of a lack civility.  They impart a 'back to the jungle' attitude that cannot be denied.

● Courtesy behind the wheel is fast fading as men and women alike continue to adopt an attitude of entitlement when on the road.  While this has always been the case [ever since the automobile became common] but is amplified in today's inconsiderate atmosphere.  People are either ambivalent, ignorant, or angry and dissatisfied with their lives.  This brings about rudeness, anger, distraction, and a host of other symptoms of an uncivilised people.

I could go on and on, and frankly I want to, but there is just too much to be said about the rise and fall of civility in today's society.  When I go into a person's home or a church I take my hat off as a sign of respect, most people do not.  When I sit at the table to eat I remove my hat once again as a sign of respect to others and because it's just plain good manners!  I still address others as 'Sir' and 'Maam' and 'Miss' and 'Misses' because that's just plain good manners.

A final thought.  When you are eating in the company of others, please chew with your mouth closed!  I really could give a damn what you're crunching on, slurping up, or otherwise shoving in your face.  Once it's in your mouth, shut your mouth!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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