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China has used data-gathering high altitude craft since 2015

A recent scandal of sorts erupted in American media, and it was all about high-altitude Chinese Spy Balloons.  I'm here to fill you in on the facts, not the fiction, surrounding this sighting and many other sightings never reported.  Let's begin at the beginning.

In Early March of 2012 People's Liberation Army Counterintelligence launched Zì néng niǎo 1 [Smart Bird #1 in English].  It consisted of an instrument package weighing roughly 220lbs, two electric motors, a remote control and communications package weighing roughly 110lb.  It was an ungainly 330lb craft to be sure.  It looked quite ridiculous, but its two fans look remarkably like bird's winds due to an advanced and energy efficient design.  This shape gave way to its name, "Smart Bird #1".

In late March of 2012, Smart Bird #1 floated [often powered] over the Hawaiian Islands, parking itself over Pearl Harbour for an entire day.  At 60,000 feet it didn't attract a lot of attention except to the United States military who promptly shot it down.  It took over 2 days for the decision to shoot it down because, frankly, defence officials had no idea what they were looking at.

Over the past 9 years Li Zhiang Hao, the head of China's 'Smart Bird Project' helped launch about 11 of these balloons over East Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada, avoiding the United States until they could find a way of launching these balloons and not having them get shot down.

After the launch of 'Smart Bird 12' Li presented his boldest action yet, to work with Chinese Intelligence Services and 'friends' in the United States in order to send up more Smart Birds, this time specifically aimed at the United States Mainland.  Previous balloons had given China much intelligence about America's posturing in the Pacific, but were almost always brought down either by self-destruct command or an American air-to-air missile.

That was then, and this is now.  It was 2022 when, recognizing a strong friendship with the American presidency and a weak military posture, that Li launched 'Yīng 1', [in English this is 'Eagle #1] a 7th generation spy balloon.  These 7th Gen machines weigh about 800lb, considerably heavier and larger than their predecessors.  They contain advanced sensors, cameras, communications technology, and other still secret stuff.

These aren't really 'balloons' as we picture them, but rather they are soft-frame airships steered with thruster fans and oriented with China's own navigational satellite system, piggy-backing on existing GPS and GLONASS satellites.

This bird, 'Yīng 1' flew over the Bearing Straits and Alaska for about 3 days.  Then it dipped southward and flew across the 49th Parallel, that line which separates the United States from Canada, a line heavily populated and dotted with numerous defence installations on both sides of the border.  Here, Yīng 1 slow-walked along the parallel for nearly 5 days and then went out to sea where her masters in Beijing 'flipped the switch' sending her tumbling into the Atlantic.

According to Han Gui, an anonymous insider, "We were only able to have such success with Yīng 1 because of cooperation from our friends in Washington, D.C.  America's president and his servants [Biden's cabinet] were most cooperative and this event never reached the media, being expertly secreted.  Others like me are still surprised that Beijing was able to co-opt your president and military."

If Han is to be believed, this would explain why the 4 recent balloon events over the United States and NATO countries have gone unreported, even hushed up.  Everyone knows that NATO is the US, and that whatever the US says goes in regard to virtually all of NATO's activities and policies.  Says Retired British Army Colonel Roger Hastings, "NATO is an extension of America's power, and everyone working there knows this.  We can't so much as light a cigar or empty an ashtray without U.S. approval."

It means that Joe Biden and his handlers are so 'in the pocket' with Beijing that they are freely giving away national security by cooperating with Beijing's high-altitude intelligence gathering.

Earlier I mentioned 4 recent balloon missions, and that would be 5 if you count this recent balloon.  That's because only this latest balloon event has captured the attention of the general public, let's concentrate on that shall we?  Here we go ...

Yīng 6 is the recent air space invader, and the one we all know something about.  Let me tell you more than just something.  It consists of a series of Mylar-adaptive fabric bags inflated with on-board Helax2 gas.  This is a more efficient and synthesized version of helium gas.  Because this gas is a military secret as to its composition and makeup, only China has access to this.

The rest of the world wrestles with finite amounts of helium which is obtained from uranium mines where it lies in close proximity.  There are only a few reasonably reliable sources for helium and those are, at times, shut down.  The only sources for this gas are the United States, the Middle East, Russia, and North Africa.  Helium occurs naturally and is always found alongside Uranium deposits.

United States Helium: This is not easy to come by as federal regulations have all but choked off the supply.  From the Bureau of Land Management to the Environmental Protection Agency, even to the Department of Homeland Security, their meddling and regulation of this industry has all but put a stake in its heart.

Middle East Helium: The Arab nation of Qatar provides almost all of the Middle East's Helium to the world and, because this is a chaotic part of the world, the supply of Helium is an up-and-down thing.  Only recently a coalition of Arab countries blockaded Qatar effectively cutting off Helium shipments from this part of the world.

Russian Helium: Having finished a huge Helium mining and production facility in Siberia, Russia stands to become a major supplier but, at present it isn't selling much if any.  Recent conflict with Ukraine has also hurt Helium exports.

North African Helium: Nigeria is the sole source of dependable and clean Helium.  South Africa is poised to unleash huge deposits of Helium, but have produced nothing as of yet.  Sum it up if you will, China's Helax2 gas is a breakthrough as it is synthesized, not mined.

Let's get back to Yīng 6.  As this craft cruised between 50 and 60 thousand feet it made its way over the Siberian Plains, being launched from Dandong, Liaoning.  It first crossed North Korea and made its way up to the Bering Straits where it turned and headed South Southeast to set up travel along the 38th parallel, a line which cuts right across the American heartland.

This took Yīng 6 across our most sensitive nuclear and defence sights, having already monitored the Northwest US and Southwest Canadian populations and military installations.  From here it just cruised and hovered at will, as unimaginable amounts of data were gathered on America's missile defence, nuclear storage and research, air defence command facilities, and countless other valuable 'sights of interest'.

Leaving the United States and starting out over the Atlantic Ocean Yīng 6 was reported to have been shot down by an Air force fighter jet.  The balloon and package crashed into the Atlantic, no longer of any use to Beijing and out of American hands.

I've spoken with many of my contacts in China and here is what they allege:

● The Biden Administration was notified, through the offices of Barack Obama and Susan Rice, when and where Yīng 6 would be lifting off from and where it was to be sent.  This was to be the boldest high-altitude spy mission ever conducted by Chinese Intelligence Services.

● Despite the fact that the current administration was aware of this craft even as it crossed the Bering Straits, a self-imposed 'gag order' was in place.  They could not afford for the American public to be aware of Chinese spying on this level.  They failed to keep the lid on this as you might guess.

As the press, amateur astronomers, and anxious onlookers watched this suspicious object hovering over missile silos in Montana the press began to ask, "Why doesn't the government shoot it down?"  A good question but with a terrible answer, "Because it hadn't completed its mission yet."

You've heard the press-born lie, "We don't want debris to fall on and hurt Americans if we shoot it down."  This lie was despite the fact that the government had 3 days in which this craft could have been shot down and simply crashed into the ocean or uninhabited wilderness.  No, the truth is that the aircraft was done doing its job when the Biden Administration finally bragged about shooting it down.  Of course, as I've said before, if we hadn't shot it down, China would have crashed it into the ocean anyway.

What we have is criminal complicity and conspiracy from an administration well-known to be in Beijing's back pocket.  We have a government that has betrayed us on all manners imaginable.  All of these are of course aimed at the destruction of the United States of America, the complete and total destruction of our republic.

You've got traitors in Washington and many occupying governors' seats as well.  If you don't act to toss them out, indict them, impeach them or otherwise rid yourselves of these bastards then you'll inherit the America you deserve.  In any case I will not!  If this country falls anymore into enemy hands I'm out of here!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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