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Wokeness grants minority children 'License to Kill.'

Richneck Elementary School is, as are so many these days, a dumping ground for the unwanted, unmanageable, and mentally challenged children of our society.  In our headlong charge to coddle and cajole the more dangerous among us, we've created a new class of children; Junior Assassins, Rapists, Muggers, and even Capital Criminals.

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Dateline Richneck Elementary School, Virginia — The 6-year-old Virginia boy who shot his first-grade teacher has a history of abusing others — and once he even choked out a teacher “until she couldn’t breathe,” according to a legal filing.

We've secured the name and image of this little animal but since he is a juvenile and minority, his 'protected class' status forbids ratting him out.  Let's just call him 'DeShaun'.  Little DeShaun is not so little as his list of crimes in such a short period of time demonstrates.  He's much larger than his classmates aka potential victims.  He's the size of a 4th or even 5th grader at 4' 11" and 95lbs, formidable for a 1st grader.

Large enough, vicious enough, and without conscience of any kind DeShaun has a long history of violence on and off the schoolyard.  He once choked an adult teacher to the point where she passed out from a lack of oxygen, and that was when he was only 5 years old!  He has been seen whipping other children with his belt and screaming obscenities you'd never expect from a 6-year-old.

I spoke with a teacher, we'll call her Irene, and she says, "When he was only 5 he was already a terror.  One time I asked him to sit down at the desk and he called me a wh@ore, threw his book at me, and told me to 'shut the f@*k up!  The look in his eyes was enough to shut me up."

Another teacher, a substitute teacher, says, "I refuse to teach at 'that school'  [referring to Richneck Elementary] because it's a zoo.  It's required of me as a teacher to withstand the obscene language, taunts, threats, and even physical abuse of these little bastards because of their racial status.  I thought we were all created equal.  I guess I was wrong."

I could go on and on about this, and even report on other students at this school as young as 5 and as old as 11, but it would fill pages and pages and take more time than I have to report on the horribly run and extremely dangerous environment of the Richneck Elementary School and others like it across the country.

When teachers report such violence and outlandish behaviour they are almost always silenced and even threatened with their jobs if they speak of this 'out-of-school'.  A teacher told the Associated Press that DeShaun had come up behind her as she sat in a chair in the front of the class — then he locked his forearms in front of her neck, pulling back and down, hard.  She immediately began to lose consciousness as this very well-applied choke hold began to do its work.

There could be no denying the intent of this little killer which was to take the teacher's life.  A teaching assistant had to pull DeShaun off as the teacher slid from her chair onto the floor bordering on unconsciousness.  For this DeShaun was suspended for a day.  Excuse me?

His outlandish behaviour has progressed from whipping other children with a belt to choking out a teacher to finally shooting a teacher with a handgun.  How in Hell does this happen?  It's easy to explain.  The woke environment in our public schools grants total immunity to minority children, or at least a very effective 'bullet-proof vest' behind which the 'protected class' have free reign over the world around them.

We need better mental health facilities for these 'lost boys and girls' and we need well-administered corporal punishment!  When teachers stopped paddling, spanking, caning, or whatever other method of applying physical pain to children, that's when this slow ride to Hell began.

In the case of DeShaun, he's been transferred to another school.  A wolf in sheep's clothing he now has a new hunting ground on which to ply his viciousness and thuggery.  It has taken decades working with this 'most protected class' but we've finally made it.  Now they have 'Licence to Kill'.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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