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Biden Downs Navy Weather Balloon

Over Alaskan skies, our military shot down their own balloon.

Observation balloons are a staple for information gathering for both good and ill.  In the case of the Chinese high-altitude 'lighter-than-air' observation craft, it's service is suspected to have been for ill.  Weeks ago a Chinese 'balloon' gathered intel over the U.S. while Joe Biden and other allies of the Communists allowed this to happen.  In a public show of supposed 'strength', the American military was finally allowed to shoot it down, it having already completed its mission.

Now comes yet another 'high-altitude object' floating its way over Alaska.  This time the U.S. was quick to shoot it down, and they did so with great aplomb and to much fanfare but, there was a catch.  What they shot down was a weather balloon launched by the U.S. Navy’s Barents Sea patrol.  Joint operations between the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy require regular release of these sophisticated observation devices to assure fleet surface and air operation safety.

So here we go; the USS Donald Cook, an Arleigh Burke class Aegis destroyer is one of three patrolling the arctic waters of the Barents Straits, that body of water which stands between the U.S. and Russia.  Helicopters are the primary non-surface means of travel in this area and, as they are not tolerant of really bad weather, [The Barents Straits are infamous for their bad weather] the meteorologists aboard these ships have to stay on top of the weather at all times.

These balloons allow the fleet to see what is where, from icebergs to other vessels and to track the unpredictable surface of some of the most hostile waters in the world.  Regular release of these balloons is critical to fleet operations.

I spoke with a sailor [name withheld, but story corroborated by another] who said, "We launch these balloons every day; it's an important part of our operations when at sea, especially in such crazy waters as the straits.  This situation was unusual because we were instructed to tether 3 balloons together and launch them as a single unit.  I've never seen that done before and 'The Brass' never give you a reason, just an order.  Well, we launched it with a typical instrument package and, within an hour of release it was shot down!  Damned if I know why!"

So let me speculate on this balloon being shot down, even though it's our own.  It would seem that our very weak military, led by an even weaker president, had to assert its competence by shooting down yet 'another spy balloon'.

Only admitting that it is [or was] an object gives Biden and his flunkies plausible deniability, especially to the less intelligent and more gullible among us.  It is these slow-minded, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, double-digit I.Q. people who will view the president's actions as being strong and decisive.

By and large the American People are willing to accept and embrace virtually everything and anything they are told by the entire '4th Estate' of the press.  These latest 'balloon sightings and destructions' are red herrings, nothing more and nothing less.  It's time our president stepped down and left the running of the country to adults.  It's also time we found some adults capable of running the country.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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