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Can you spell "lawsuit"?

Another Pit Bull attack!  Baby girl clings to life.


6-year-old Lily Norton needed over 1,000 stitches after having her face half-torn-off by a vicious dog.  Three guesses what the breed was ... yep, another Pit Bull Terrier!  This breed of dog has been labelled by experts as "The world's most dangerous pet" ranking it even more dangerous than a pet chimpanzee.

Little Lily will never be able to smile again, not just because of the psychological trauma but because the Pit Bull tore off her face muscles.  No, she'll be physically as well as emotionally incapable of making any number of gestures where her face is concerned.

A fundraiser has been established to help with the astronomical medical expenses involved in flying her to a good hospital and reconstructing her face.  Let's not forget the valiant efforts of the medical receiving team in keeping her alive throughout the experience.  To find the link for the fundraiser click on the link: fundraiser for the little girl.

This situation is all too familiar with little Lily at a friend's house for a playdate.  As she and her little friend played, the Pit Bull Predator chose its moment and attacked the little girl, fully intent on destroying and eating her.  Question: What in Hell is a Pit Bull doing within striking range of such obvious prey?  Answer: Lily's friend's mom was 'dog-sitting' a friend's Pit Bull, the most dangerous breed of house pet and one of the most dangerous animals in the world!

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Again, Doctor Trevor Hawkin, DVM, speaks out, "Pit Bulls are the worst of the worst when it comes predatory pets.  They're bred to kill.  They're so dangerous I won't treat them under any circumstances.  Many vets around the world have adopted this policy, while others require a muzzle on the animal.  You'd be surprised at how malpractice insurance premiums take a leap when the insurance company finds out you're treating Pit Bulls."

The fact that Pit Bulls are opportunistic predators, and that they lead the pack when it comes to animal attacks, and that tiny people such as 6-year-old Lily are their favourite target should be enough to tell people like this woman that she really shouldn't be dog-sitting a Pit Bull with two toddlers in the room.

I hope there is a lawsuit in play.  I hope that Lily's family absolutely financially rapes this woman in court and rips away every cent she has, including her home and any retirement investments she might have.  A message needs to be sent that, in addition to criminal charges of neglect and child endangerment, anyone who acts so recklessly around Pit Bulls and kids will be financially, socially, and criminally completely and utterly destroyed!

Warning: Following this report is a series of photos, some graphic and heart wrenching.  Those with delicate constitutions should stop the video now.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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