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Little Olivia’s final moments were in terror, anguish, & incredible pain

When will we stop the madness, mayhem, and murder caused by ‘Killer Breed’ dogs?  Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Boxers, Canary Mastiff, and Chow-chows have been recognized by over 31 countries as ‘prohibitively dangerous’.  More and more cities and countries have moved to ban ownership, breeding, and sale of these killers.

According to Dr. Gregg McDonald, D.V.M., “These breeds present a danger to other dogs and people.  Rearing and care really have very little to do with these dogs experiencing ‘psychotic breaks’ and attacking other animals and people.  It’s a matter of genetics, and these dogs have flawed gene strains which lead to frequently unexplainable moments of violence in the form of a psychotic break.”

Dr. McDonald added, “Many clinics [veterinary] will not treat these ‘dangerous breeds’, but some will.  My clinics will only treat these animals if they are muzzled and properly restrained when coming into for treatment.  Those, like mine, that do also charge a higher fee structure because of the inherent danger to our people, clients, and their animals.”

Dateline Waynesboro, Virginia – Two grandparents have been charged with the murder of their 7 year-old granddaughter and have been remanded without bail.  Their Depraved Indifference resulted in their granddaughter being mauled to death by the family’s 40-pound Rottweiler.

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According to Officer Dallin of the Augusta Sheriff’s Department, “These two knew the dog was dangerous, it had attacked others in the neighbourhood, but nobody was badly hurt.  To make matters worse, the neighbours were afraid of the grandparents, and probably for good reason.  Even though they’re older, the ‘old man’ can be an intimidating son-of-a-bitch.”

He went on, “They watched television with their kids, the girl’s parents, while the little girl screamed and begged for mercy as the dog tore her apart.  Any time you’ve got a known dangerous dog that outweighs its prey you’ve got a disaster.  I only wish the grandparents and parents could be left alone with a pack of 90 pound Pit Bulls.  Ya, that’d about do it!

As surely as if they had killed the child with their own bare hands, these evil bastards allowed their 7 year-old granddaughter to be mauled to death by a 40 pound Rottweiler.  The child’s parents are also held without bond facing lesser felony charges of wilful endangerment of a child and possession of a dangerous animal.  They face up to 20 years prison.

I don’t give a damn about their age or any underlying medical conditions.  They need to be caned, or beaten every year on their birthday as well as on the day of the little girl’s death, January 29th.  One day the pain of a beating will claim their worthless lives and they will take that one-way trip to the depths of Hell, where they belong.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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