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Animal shelters have no business farming out dangerous breeds.

This is a clear case of negligence and criminal endangerment coupled with a stupid client.  Before I get into this article I must ask the obvious question, “What is an animal shelter doing trying to place a dangerous breed dog with anyone?  These dogs must be put down, not let out.

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Dateline New York – A Staten Island man was attacked and mauled by a ‘rescue dog’ is suing the animal shelter where he ‘adopted’ the 86-pound Pit Bull / Boxer mix.  Okay, the man is an idiot and totally oblivious to the threat presented by many such ‘dangerous breeds’ of dogs.  In this case, we’re talking about a hybrid of two of the most dangerous dogs; that being Boxer and Pit Bull Terrier.

Anthony Pavone, 24, has been left with a chunk of muscle missing from his right arm after he was attacked by the vicious killer animal he foolishly tried to ‘adopt’ as a household pet.  He’s suing the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) claiming the “the dog was dangerous and should never have been offered to the general public,”  Now, as woefully ignorant and na├»ve as he is, I agree that the burden of guilt lies squarely on the shoulders of the ACC, and their policy of releasing killers into the general population.

I spoke with Dr. Hale Evans, DVM, who specializes in canine medicine.  Here’s what he says, “My clinics will not treat certain breeds of dog because of exposure to harm by my staff and myself.  In the case of what we’re talking about, an 86-pound Pit Bull ~ Boxer mix is an extremely dangerous animal under the best circumstances.  You’ve got to remember that an 86 pound dog of this mix can easily take down a 250lb man and make short work of anyone smaller or lighter than itself.  These are two of about a half dozen breeds that are subject to psychotic break, and that’s never a good thing.  It’s not a matter of rearing, but genetics.”

That about sums it up for me.  Where would the fault lay if a circus let a 5-year old tiger be ‘adopted’ into a home?  This is no different.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!
P.S. Until there is a way to weed out the 'killer breeds' and have them destroyed before being placed with the innocents, the carnage will continue.  It will take a number of law suits against the death dealers of ASPCA and Humane Society before we can stop the devastation and loss of life.
It's recognized that there are a number of breeds which are 'deadly killers' due to genetic, hybridization, and other factors not yet fully understood.  Placing a Pit Bull, Mastiff, Doberman, or other 'killer breed' amounts to 'Depraved Indifference Murder' and needs to be prosecuted.

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