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Volume: 1087a6                                         May 2, 2022

‘He who would be king’ Fauci misses the mark again and again

Possibly the most accomplished mass murderer of our time, disgraced Doctor Anthony Fauci was “surprised and disappointed” by last week’s ruling against the CDC’s mask mandate for travelers.  He said, “This is a CDC issue … It should not have been a court issue.”  He says he was “surprised and shocked” US District Judge Mizelle’s decision to end the mask mandate.

It’s no surprise this megalomaniacal egotist is surprised, shocked, or disappointed.  According to a viable source from within Fauci’s office, “When he [Fauci] heard of the judge’s decision he exploded.  He cursed and screamed, knocked things off his desk, and I thought he was going to have a heart attack.  His face was red as a beet and he shook, almost like he had a seizure or something.  He has a really bad temper, but this is the worst I’ve seen in him.”

This is the sort of report from inside Fauci’s cave that reminds us of the other tantrum throwers in government such as Pelosi, Clinton, Biden, and a host of other ‘angry babies’ in our nation’s capitol.  Of the lot, possibly the worst is Anthony Fauci.

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Fauci believes, assumes for that matter, that his scientific expertise trumps the rule of law.  His belief that he ‘knows what is best for us’ is disturbing.  Even more disturbing is his anger expressed by any attempt to limit his influence or restrain his power.

Fauci had the temerity to criticize the legal opinion of US District Judge Mizelle’s decision, calling her reasoning “not sound” and “not particularly firm.” His argument was that she had no business determining whether the CDC had complied with the law because courts should not be “getting involved in things that are unequivocally public-health decisions.”  But Mizelle did not make a public-health decision; she made a legal decision, based on her understanding of the law.

Any way you slice it, Fauci’s reign is near an end but he’ll relinquish his power only by being dragged kicking and screaming from his throne.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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