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It’s not about guns as much as it is about people.

As our nation grapples with increase gun violence at all levels, we just want it to stop.  The problem is that leftists and other Democrats are approaching this entire phenomenon with a dangerously flawed approach.

Common cries from Democrats sound like this, “We need to get guns out of the hands of people.  We need guns off the streets.  We need to abolish firearms.”  Well, in a country where citizens have a constitutionally guaranteed ‘right to keep and to bear arms’, that just won’t fly.  Hell, the sheer impossibility of gathering the estimated 380 million firearms in citizen hands must be considered.

Ronald Reagan, our nation’s 40th president, “You can no more keep the earth from turning as to taking away every gun from every American.  This rings as true as can be so, given the fact that gun confiscation is impossible and private sale of arms is unstoppable, what other options do we have?

The only other options we have are the monitoring of violently mentally ill and enforcement of strict punishment for firearms offenders.  A study by the American Psychiatric Foundation showed that nearly every mass shooting and killing in the U.S. since 1964 has involved someone under psychiatric treatment.  Their conclusion is as follows, “We found an inordinate number of highly medicated patients involved in these incidents.  The offences seem endemic to those currently on psychotropic medications or those who have recently discontinued their use.  This is an alarming situation and we recommend that mental health counsellors pay closer attention to all patients taking such mind-altering substances.”

We have seen disturbing behaviour among virtually every mass killer since 1964 [the year psychiatrists abandoned therapy in favour of psychotropic medications] ranging from violent online videos to extensive violence with and against peers.  In every case, there are sufficiently alarming behavioural ‘flags’ being waved that virtually all of the killings in recent memory could have been avoided.

It’s not the guns folks, it’s the people.  It’s not a matter of race; it’s a matter of mind.  It’s not a matter of white or black supremacy, it’s a matter of ‘messed up minds’.  It’s not a matter of easy gun access because bad people will always have access to guns, knives, or motor vehicles with which to commit their heinous acts.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

P.S. The CCHR [Citizen's Commission on Human Rights] has identified a large number of psychiatrists who rely almost entirely on dangerous mind-altering drugs in lieu of counselling and more traditional therapies.

Largely, it's the psychiatrists who are to blame.

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