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As pressure on Hunter mounts, will he give up his Dad?

This has been a long time in coming due to the difficulty of verifying sources and corroborating stories.  At last the pieces of this puzzle fit, giving us the picture we need.

Let’s begin with Joe Biden’s ill-fated television interview in which he openly boasts of extorting the government of Ukraine in a truly criminal ‘quid pro quo’.  Joe openly brags of how Ukrainian officials caved to his demands.  At this time Ukraine’s Chief Prosecutor was investigation Burisma, the Ukraine National Gas Company, for corruption.

Joe had the prosecutor fired and the investigation quashed.  Click here for the whole interview: .  A target of the investigation was a non-participating but highly paid member of the Burisma board of directors; Hunter Biden, the drug-addled son of then Vice President Joe Biden.


All the while Joe found Hunter an excellent ‘tool’ to help increase the wealth and influence of the Biden family.  Hunter traveled the globe leveraging banks and leaders of Russia, Ukraine, China, Venezuela, and probably a dozen other countries we aren’t even aware of.  Put simply, Hunter was Joe’s ‘go-to-guy’ when it came to squeezing money from foreign governments.

Where did the money go?  How much money is really involved?  Besides up going up Hunter’s nose, into his veins, and in the panties of myriad prostitutes it has been speculated that upwards of $M150 has changed hands so far.  From selling audiences with the president to brokering conferences with the Joe Biden, all the way to selling promises of foreign aid, Hunter did his stuff.

Let’s get down to brass tacks … my sources…

Our first little tale comes from Communist China, a country very familiar to me and the home of many of my most valuable and dependable sources as well as good friends.  I spoke with Lin Huang, a retired executive from the Construction Bank of China.  He confirms that Hunter sucked out over $6.5M in exchange for ‘favours’ and ‘access to’ the president and vice president.

Lin also says that Hunter, more concerned with prostitutes and drugs, volunteered ‘sensitive information of value’ as an incentive for even more money.  Lin made it clear that Hunter’s was more of a pleasure trip than a business trip.  No sooner had Hunter stepped off the plane he was asking where he could score [get drugs] and find prostitutes.  This set the stage for the 3-day series of meetings in which he attended less than an hour a day in each and every meeting, but managed to squeeze over six and a half million U.S. dollars out of them.


This is ‘The Substance of Treason’.  By the testimony of different individuals in this meeting, whose stories rhyme remarkably, Hunter sold ‘sensitive information’ and equally sensitive technology to the Chinese.  This is just a sample of how the Bidens extract cash, real estate, precious metals, and favours from as many foreign governments as they can.  Click here for details of extortion of China:

Dateline Isla de Margarita, Venezuela – Hunter, on behalf of ‘Daddy’, sucked $M4 US dollars out of the government in Venezuela with a promise that Joe would lift sanctions on PetrĂ³leos de Venezuela, the country’s gas and oil company.  Lifting these sanctions meant that Venezuela could once again reap hundreds of millions of dollars of increased oil exports.  They could once again supply their ‘sister state’ of Cuba with unlimited amounts of oil and gas.

I spoke with Hector Alonzo, former trade counsel for PetrĂ³leos de Venezuela.  He says that Hunter was impaired and agitated in all of the meetings he attended with the nationa oil and gas firm.  He says, “In the beginning our contact with Hunter Biden was by the email and telephone.  Over time we invited him to visit the Island paradise of Isla de Margarita.  His wish was to conduct ‘negotiationswhere women and drugs are easily found.  Working with him was exasperating because he was erratic, could not focus on issues, and he smelled like the dead.  We paid him off and finally got him out of our country.”

Click here for more on the Venezuelan deal of the Bidens:

I could share a lot more but it would ring the same bell and sing the same songs that have already been sung; ‘same tune, same lyrics’.  The stories of his foreign escapades, ostensibly on behalf of his father the vice president, are the stuff of legend and their words, deeds, and ‘music’ have been said, done, and sung in the darkest corners of the world.  Simply put, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is a criminal of international repute and a traitor of the worst kind.

What is the link between Hunter’s escapades and his father, Joe Biden?  In nearly every deal Hunter was not only ‘a tool’ of his father’s, but conspired and colluded with him to make dirty deals happen.  In return Joe squeezed a healthy ‘commission’ of around 60 percent from everything Hunter squeezed from his prey.  From direct payments to secret foreign bank accounts to financing renovations on Joe’s house, Hunter parted with truckloads of cash into ‘projects’ his ‘Daddy’s’ was involved in.  On top of this, Hunter paid off all of Joe’s debts.  Not at all by choice, Daddy extorted his brat every bit as much as his brat extorted foreign dignitaries and industrialists.  What’s most notable is Hunter’s resentment.

Click here for more details on how Joe managed to squeeze hunter:,contents%20of%20which%20were%20leaked%20last%20year.%206

What’s not common knowledge is Hunter’s bitter resentment of Daddy’s overbearing dominance over the years.  Hunter has just about come to the end of his rope when it comes to Daddy.  Stories of their arguments and fights over money are plentiful.


Hunter’s animus toward his father shows in numerous emails now released from his infamous ‘lost laptop’, the one he abandoned at a Delaware computer store.  Now that all of the details have been made public it hasn’t taken much digging for the Delaware Grand Jury to find reasons to indict the drug-addled son of our sitting president.

Click here for more on the grand jury investigation:

As the grand jury closes in on Hunter a new ‘story within a story’ has broken.  It seems that Hunter may be willing to ‘roll over’ on Daddy in exchange for ‘concessions’ from the state prosecutor’s office.  Let’s face it, as dirty as Hunter is, Joe is a far more valuable prize for any prosecuting attorney.

I’m now hearing from someone in Delaware that prosecutors are prepared to offer Hunter Biden a deal, one which might well exonerate him and hang Daddy out to dry.  If true, the future does not bode well for the current administration nor does it help the fanatical followers of the cult of the American Democratic Party.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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