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Volume: 1088a(5)                                    May 16, 2022


In the 2022 Idaho Republican Primary

Tomorrow is Tuesday, May 17th.  This means its time to vote in the Idaho Republican Primary, so get off your butts and make a difference.  Vote and be proud.

Vote for Janice McGeachen for Governor:  She is rock solid, has fire in the belly, is experienced, and shows a sincere willingness to serve the people of Idaho.  For this reason I endorse her most highly.

Vote for Priscilla Giddings for Lt. Governor:  She is a woman of principle, courageous, and has shown her patriotism in action time and again.  For this reason I endorse her most highly.

Vote for Art Macomber for Attorney General:  He is a constitutional scholar, a practicing attorney, and a man of sterling reputation.  He’s stepped into the fray beholden to no one but the voter.  For this reason I endorse him most highly.

Vote for Dorothy Moon for Secretary of State:  She alone really comprehends the importance of this generally obscure office.  Her knowledge of the position, dedication to serving the people, and her sheer ‘fire in the belly’ is uncanny.  For this reason I endorse her most highly.

Vote for Doug Traubel for Ada County Sheriff:  His stand as a constitutional sheriff is the only valid stand to be taken by this, the ‘top cop’ of the county.  Doug has an impressive knowledge of the law and the Idaho Constitution.  Beholden to no one, he’s here to serve us.  For this reason and many more I endorse him most highly.

Vote for Gloria Urwin, Rosa Martinez, and Mike Hon as State Representatives in District #20.  This team of ‘ordinary people’ has stood up and made it known that they’re for change.  Their honesty, sincerity, and common sense approach to government is why I endorse them most highly.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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