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Punk who tossed old woman onto tracks is caught!

Earlier today I reported this piece of V.A.B. scum who tossed a total stranger onto the subway tracks.  Well, it’s nice to see that he’s been caught … sorta.  An MTA worker recognized this guy on wanted posters and flagged Transit Police who took him into custody.

Here’s the rub: Despite a criminal record with no less than aggravated harassment, narcotics, robbery, grand larceny, animal abuse, resisting arrest, obstruction and assault this guy has been … are you ready for this … $1500 bail.  He’s back on the street with a court date set into 2024, and spent less than 4 hours in jail before having his bail paid for by the fund Kamala Harris contributes to.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2022/06/07/nyc-man-arrested-for-shoving-woman-onto-subway-tracks-cops/

This is becoming the norm for our major cities as the number of crimes has increased exponentially in the face of severe reductions in police forces and city ordinances tying their hands.  In the face of decreased police presence, reluctance among police to act, and courts that really don’t give a damn.  We’re watching our nation go to Hell on a rocket sled.

What in Hell is going on around here!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S.  One could make the argument that he has been bailed out by the Vice President as she [Kamala Harris] has been a major contributor to the BLM Bailout Fund in New York City.  Another contributor of record is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a local congresswoman.  Are these really whom you want to vote for?

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