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Volume # 1089(2)                                June 10, 2022


Cops told drowning man, “I’m not jumping in after you.”

A growing trend of animosity, arrogance, and disrespect by police is disturbing.  More and more often police show their hesitancy to expose themselves to danger.  More and more often they refuse to help the people who pay their salaries.  These days the pledge “To Serve and Protect” seems more an anachronism than a pledge or a promise.

From the fateful 45 minute ‘delay’ in the Uvalde school shootings to individual cases across the country, police show a growing unwillingness to place themselves in harm’s way in performance of what should be ‘their duties’.

Dateline Tempe Town Lake, Arizona – A man who drowned in a lake last month begged for help as three cops stood by and watched him die.  A body cam shows one cop saying, “I’m not jumping in after you.” as the drowning man pleaded with officers to save him.  The last and dying gasps of a man in mortal danger fell on the deaf ears of a police threesome who simply watched, smiled, and nudged each other as an innocent citizen slipped beneath the frigid waters to his death.

The three Tempe police officers who refused to help a man in distress are on paid leave pending further investigation.  While the cop’s body cams show a clear negligence and indifference, these animals are being paid to sit on their asses while a police department launches what is likely to be a cursory review of the facts almost certainly resulting in absolution of those responsible.

One must wonder what the situation would be if the deceased was a black man or some other ‘recognized minority’.  It takes little wonder and imagination to see another ‘George Floyd’ movement resulting from such a tragedy as this.  But, alas, this case will likely slip between the cracks of a failed justice system only to be lost in the archives of police incompetence and justice failed.

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While the majority of police officers are more than likely brave, courageous, and bold the disturbing trend of police apathy and indifference places us all in mortal danger.  In the throes of increasing demand for gun control the need for citizens to own guns is greater than ever.

Dateline Los Angeles, California – Police arrived at a scene where a woman held her ex-husband hostage with a knife to his throat.  On arriving, police sat outside literally finishing their coffee and snacking on donuts.  They stayed in their cars for nearly 20 minutes before taking any action.  When officers finally knocked on the door it was too late; Kenyata Jackson, aged 36, had already slit the throat of her ex-husband who lay dead on the floor, his life’s blood seeping through the cracks of the kitchen tiles and a failed system of what has become ‘Law & Disorder’.

In many jurisdictions it seems police are most adept at tracing chalk outlines around bodies, gathering forensic evidence, and then failing to solve nearly 80% of the murders they investigate.  According to the FBI situations where police hesitate and even refuse to render aid are on the rise.  This is only one glaring reason why we, the citizenry, need to be armed and ready. 

Stay alert, armed, and ready.  It’s your right!

P.S.  The most alarming thing about this article is that it can never cover the hundreds of incidents every year where police officers refuse to put themselves in harms way on behalf of citizens.  This is precisely why the 2nd Amendment needs to remain intact and virtually all gun-control laws in place must be repealed.  Police are incapable or unwilling to protect us so it's our job.

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