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Volume #1091                                        June 18, 2022

The True Church is rising to meet the threat of a rogue pope

As Pope Francis works his evil around the world, more and more Catholic clergy are going their own way.  The Society of St. Pius X, The Priestly Society of Saint Peter, and a growing number of orders, societies, and fraternities have declared themselves to be in schism with the Vatican.  These are organizations dedicated to the preservation of the rights, rituals, doctrine, and dogma of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and they’ve already ‘jumped ship’.

From honouring homosexuality to scandalizing the sacrament of matrimony all the way to decrying good as evil, the ‘modern church’ pursues the path of iniquity.  The pontiff’s lackadaisical attitude to all things sacred has followed him his entire priesthood, but ever more since becoming the church’s first [and hopefully last] Jesuit Pope.  Given the Jesuit’s penchant for Socialism, Communism, and anti-God sentiment it’s no wonder that ‘real’ men of God are abandoning an apparently this sinking ship.




From Deacons to Priests to Bishops to Archbishops and even to Cardinals, many men of God have decided that to ally themselves with the evil of Pope Francis is to ally themselves with the Devil himself.  Could they be very far off?

We live in an age where the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries are being deliberately sabotaged by their leaders.  God has been expelled from many countries with the US leading the way on this rocked-sled to Hell.  The godlessness of their actions seems closely linked to the destruction of morality, even the Catholic Church.  They are all pursuing and succeeding in destruction from within.  Sound familiar?

Where are these clerics going?  They are decrying the Pope as an ‘anti-Pope’ and working under the blessing and protection of Cardinals Archbishops.  Whatever the Vatican may do or say in future will do nothing to stave the increase in ‘independent parishes’ cropping up all over the world, especially in the United States, Canada, and Germany.  It’s these 3 places where the church has run amok to insane levels.




As these parishes crop up they offer the way, the truth, and the light of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They celebrate the Tridentine Mass in its full pomp, circumstance, regalia, and unfailing respect to the Lord Jesus Christ.  People crave the absolutism and definiteness of the gospel where a Priest faces the tabernacle at key points of the mass, and not the people.  They crave the Holy Eucharist being placed on the tongue and not just slapped into their hand.

They crave the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Confession, Holy Communion, Holy Orders, and Holy Matrimony in their traditional entirety.

A gospel based largely on tradition and Canon Law, it has need to be honoured as is becoming of the Son of the Living God.  This is honoured by what is best referred to as ‘The Church Militant’.  It is this militant nature that keeps the church on its toes as members oppose the evil being painted [not very well either] as good.

Every day as more and more of these parishes are raised, the members flock to those parishes and support them financially as they always have.  Remember that the Vatican has never cut a check to pay the expenses of any of its parishes.  That’s not how it works.  This practice has left a visibly weak link for the Vatican because parishes already know how to fend for themselves spiritually, financially, and ecumenically.




Look for a major shake-up in the Holy Roman Catholic Church before it can be brought back around under the leadership of a holy pope and a College of Cardinals that follow the bidding of this ‘good pope’.  Look for the USCCB [United States Council of Catholic Bishops] to do an about face when the pressure sufficiently mounts.  The major dioceses will run out of money as the faithful flock to the true churches, those independent parishes.  Working outside the Vatican they will find themselves awash in funds and able to pursue their religious and temporal works of charity.

This is what I have long prayed for.  It is my hope and prayer.  Not a day goes by when I and fellow religious brethren and sisters don’t offer our heartfelt wishes and pleas to Him Most High.  We are now, for the first time, watching as entire religious orders back away from the Vatican

Pray for them all.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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