Monday, June 13, 2022

* * * * NO OPINION IS AN OPINION ... REALLY! * * * *


Volume #1090(3)                                        June 13, 2022


So often, no opinion is stronger than an opinion.

It was an interesting show and Kevin was in fine form with the exception of his 'not so skilful' dance around the subject of homosexuality and 'Pride' celebration.  I know Kevin, and he is not a supporter of the LGBTQ lifestyle but, as is the case with man radio talk show hosts, he is non-committal on air.  In fact, one might well interpret his 'song-and-dance' around the issue as closet approval.

Kevin's performance today left a great deal to be desired as he spent an inordinate amount of speaking in 3rd person [a sign of nervousness and insecurity] and softly, but definitely, defended those of the 'Pride' movement.

We covered some, but as is the case, a rounded and full discussion on his show is impossible.  Still, he's the best thing going in Idaho, possibly the nation.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S.  Kevin is an outstanding talk show host and the only area I can see that need improvement would be in taking more of a stand on more issues than just 'back the blue' or 'marijuana in Idaho'.

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