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Volume 1088k                                                   June 2, 2022


Western media continues to shower tales of doom & gloom.

The ‘propaganda war’ against ‘The Hermit Kingdom’ continues.

I have many good friends and colleagues in North Korea, and find the overt propaganda of denial in the west disturbing.  I’m not a supporter of the government of North Korea and readily admit the inequities that exist in their country.  However, I really find the bald-faced lies of the western press disturbing.

My favourite news outlet is the usually fair and accurate New York Post.  The Post is almost certainly the most balanced news source in the United States today.  Okay, enough sucking up, let’s get down to brass tacks.

The headline reads “Widespread disbelief over North Korea’s tiny COVID death rate

Click here to read NY Post’s article:

I’ve spoken with a number of friends in and out of the North Korean medical complex.  We chat fairly often as a matter of fact, and they have nothing to gain by lying to me.  According to them and rhyming stories from the press in Pyongyang, the country’s fight against COVID-19 has been remarkable: About 3 million people have been reported sick with mild fevers and muscle soreness while only 80 have been hospitalized and only 69 have died.

Even if we assume that all these were coronavirus cases, that means that their fatality rate is only 0.002%.  No other country, including the world’s richest, has a comparable record.  If we are to believe the figures touted by America’s CDC, and those of other countries, then it would seem that North Korea is doing something right.  Maybe we should see just what it is they’re doing that we should learn from.

Supposed ‘experts’ and ‘pundits’ across the west decry North Korea’s figures without any evidence to the contrary.  It’s a damned shame the west is exposed only to the pre-prepared propaganda of their own media and ‘experts’ of dubious qualification while remaining oblivious to anything the North Koreans have to say.

The fact is that, regarding the corona virus outbreak, we in the west did everything wrong, and almost nothing right.  We screwed it up really badly and don’t want to admit that an enemy nation like tiny North Korea has blown us away in their approach, treatment, and recovery from a virus that kicked our ass!

Wake up, open your eyes and ears, and try listening to all sides in any argument and you’ll live happier and more fulfilled lives.  I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

P.S.  I have a look into North Korea which is equal to if not superior to those of the Western Press.  When the propaganda needs to be slopped over the hapless millions who believe everything the media says, it's time for them to invent stories and print them.  I will always deliver the facts and nothing but.  My friends and colleagues in North Korea are not silent, but they are loyal to me as friends and as I am to them.

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