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Volume #1091a                                        June 19, 2022


Yet another 'living in a bubble' actor lectures the country!

Actor Matthew McConaughey flexed his 'Hollywood Muscle' today and released a dramatic, black-and-white video clip calling for a bipartisan approach to gun control after he met with over 30 elected officials in Washington, DC to push for stronger legislation.

Leave it to the 'know-it-all' breed of Hollywood actors to inject their opinion and influence into matters far beyond their pay grade.  I'm sure Matthew is a find actor and well spoken, but when it comes to matters of public concern his opinions are worth about as much as any other 'know-it-all' and 'would-be-wiseman' from the world of fiction and play ... Hollywood.

When's the last time this guy went shopping for groceries, wrote a check for his electric bill, worried about budgeting household expenses against rising inflation and supply chain interruptions.

Matthew, I'm sure you're a good actor, and today's video shows just how compelling you can be.  Unfortunately, it's all an act.  Your life is an act, and you know it!  Mark, you know which one, says, "Matthew is always 'on stage' and everything he says is scripted and rehearsed.  He's good at ad lib as well.  His face and voice of concern are well played whenever he needs to flex his influence.  I just wish he was a genuine person.  Only he knows when he's not 'on-stage'."

Matthew, stick to acting and leave solution of a problem to those qualified of whom you are not.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S.  Whenever you deal with accomplished actors, it's wise to take anything [and everything] they say with more than a bit of salt.  Remember that these are people highly expert in the art of 'telling lies'.  Being as the norm for Hollywood actors is Communism, it's even more important to weigh carefully every word that comes out of an actor's mouth.

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