Wednesday, December 29, 2021



Volume: 991                December 30, 2021


Joe & Company continue to murder Americans in Afghanistan!

Who can forget the horrific scenes of desperate people climbing onto the skin and into the wheel wells of cargo jets lifting off from the airport in Afghanistan?  The horrors resulting from the actions and orders of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, murderers through depraved indifference, live on.

Joe Biden, a man without military experience but overflowing with disdain for our military, ordered the immediate and complete evacuation of the country where US troops had maintained stability for nearly 20 years.  Despite the arguments of our generals, Biden and Democrats went their own way.  Was it simply incompetence or was it part of a deal made with the Chinese?

Today there are over 10,000 Communist Chinese troops in Afghanistan.  Bagram Air Base, the 5th largest airport in the world, was handed over to the Chinese by way of the Taliban.  Another 8,000 Chinese construction workers and engineers are in Afghanistan completing construction of a new ‘Silk Road’.

It no longer bothers me that the Chinese are slowly but surely taking over Afghanistan.  What bothers me is the number of American citizens, Green Card holders, and those friendly to the US still languishing in Afghanistan.  More than 100 US citizens are holed up in basements, tunnels, and homes in the countryside.  There is no way for anyone, let alone an American, to make it to freedom anymore.  The US State Department, under orders from Biden and his Democrat cronies, has completely abandoned our own people.

Only Biden and his handlers could be so callous, so hateful, and so disrespectful of our own people.  Viewing the entrapped, tortured, jailed, and murdered Americans and Green Card holders as ‘collateral damage’ they sit on their thrones in Washington with impunity.

I have spoken with Ms. Q of the State Department, and she tells me they are aware of dozens of Americans languishing in the prisons of Afghanistan.  Held without accusation, arraignment, or trial theirs are lives of daily horror.  Surrounded by those who hate all Americans with a blind passion, they continue to suffer and die.


Lest we ever forget!” is the watchword here.  Never let us forget the betrayal of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party at large.  They have shown us their disdain for the Constitution, the people, and the principles of our republic.

Joe & Company are Public Enemies #1.  They must be brought to justice!  Depraved Indifference Murder is still a felony in this country!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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