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Volume: 985                December 25, 2021


With no excuse for assaulting air crew ... there are reasons.

Today’s plague of airline violence can be attributed almost entirely to the attitude of flight crew toward their passengers.  More and more flight attendants have become self-appointed Air Nazis, adopting an attitude and behaviour that literally invites violence.

The worst offenders seem to be Southwest Airlines, whose Air Nazis goose step to the beat of a different drummer.  I had occasion to fly Southwest not too long ago, and rest assured it will be the last time I ever submit to their oppression!  Boarding is its own little nightmare-in-the-making as staff greet you with the smile of a jailer greeting a new inmate.  From the minute you step onboard the aircraft you are an inmate of Southwest Airlines, and the air of oppression is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

If you drop your mask for even a second, such as to take a bite of food or sneak a drink, there’s an Air Nazi damned near in your pocket.  They glare at you with the look of disdain a burnt-out prison guard might cast at an inmate breaking a rule.  If you take too long to put your mask back up over your face, there’s an Air Nazi ready to scold you.

I had this happen to me.  Put your mask back up.” Frau Himmler said, without so much as a ‘please’.  At one point a fellow passenger’s mask slipped off her nose as she slept and moments later there he was, the Senior Air Nazi or so it seemed, who shook her awake saying, “You need to cover your nose with that mask.  This is your only warning.

Good God!  Only warning” means that you may face banishment from the airline or even having your name put on a ‘no fly’ list.  Who in Hell do these people think they are?  From flying bellhops to Southwest Storm Troopers, Southwest Air Crew have graduated the ‘Heinrich Himmler School of Courtesy.”

So this story appears in the New York Post about yet another flight attendant with a face just made to be punched or kicked in.  Her harsh manner triggered a violent response from a passenger who smashed her teeth in.  I do not endorse such violence but understand the nature of it.  Why is it that Southwest Airlines so leads the pack when it comes to passenger revolt?  The answer is ‘attitude’.




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A woman who was arrested for punching a Southwest Airlines flight attendant in the face, smashing three of her teeth has pleaded guilty in court.  Vyvianna M. Quinonez, 28, was caught on camera beating the flight attendant leaving her bashed, bloodied, and bewildered.  This was on Southwest ‘Prison’ Flight #700 flying from Sacramento, California to San Diego on May 23, 2021.

As Quinonez was adjusting her seat belt, her face mask has fallen from her nose, but still covered her mouth.  According to a fellow passenger this is his story of what happened with Quinonez and the Air Nazi.  She [Quinonez] was putting up her tray table and fussing with her seat belt.  I didn’t notice her mask until the stewardess ordered her to put it up.  She was really rude.  She almost yelled it out.  She leaned over her [Quinonez] and was just so rude to her.”

Quinonez’s hands were full when the flight attendant called for ‘backup’ and began rudely upbraiding her.  The embattled passenger then attacked the flight attendant.

She [Quinonez] rose from her seat, as yet unable to fasten her seat belt and, with her mask hanging over her mouth, she pushed the flight attendant.  As the attendant put her arms up, Quinonez landed several punches bringing the Air Nazi to her knees in the narrow aisle of coach class.

The flight attendant was left with bruises to her left eye and a facial cut that required three stitches.  She also lost or had damaged three teeth from the incident.  Prosecutors have shielded the attendant from blame with this statement.  The flight attendant who was assaulted was simply doing her job to ensure the safety of all passengers aboard the plane,

I understand the need to prosecute anyone who physically attacks anyone else on an aircraft, but offer this caveat, “You fly Southwest and you take your chances!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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