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Volume: 962                       December 9, 2021


The legal gymnastics of this case bare closer examination

With 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley and his parents now in jail, a serious and deeper-than-you-thought-it-could-be question needs to be asked.  Just who should be charged in the shooting?”  Many would say, the boy alone.  Many more would say, the boy and his parents.  Yet more are now reaching the common sense conclusion that the blame rests on the shoulders of many.

We know now, after this tragic shooting, that the boy’s parents ignored, abused, and possibly fuelled his fire to commit this heinous multiple murder.  At the very least, theirs is guilt through the sin of omission.  We know that school officials were aware of the danger he presented long before it erupted in gunfire.  Theirs are also a great number of sins of omission.  Even our loyal enforcement failed as their own sins of omission contributed to this tragedy.

So, with school and law enforcement authorities knowing but failing to act, doesn’t this make them culpable?  Mightn’t a little vigilance and action on their parts have avoided this tragedy?  Shouldn’t a goodly portion of blame be heaped upon the shoulders of the school and police alike?  Between Mom, Dad, Brat, School, and Police it would seem there’s plenty of blame to go around.

This kid is obviously emotionally and more-than-likely mentally disturbed.  He should have had help a long time ago but didn’t get it.  Should parents have committed him to psychiatric evaluation and treatment?  Should school authorities have suspended, expelled, or at least put this kid on a ‘watch list’?  How about police?  Shouldn’t they have put the boy on a ‘watch list’ and frisked him every day at school?  None of these common-sense actions were invoked and a killer was born.

I would place the blame on our society at large.  For generations we’ve been scared to death of striking a minor under virtually any circumstances.  Scared of the Gestapo at CPS [Child and Protective Services] and others of their ilk, our fears are largely justified.  The killer’s own school board has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy regarding corporal punishment.  A teacher can’t even put his hand on a student’s shoulder without violating a school policy.  People like Ethan almost never get the physical correction they so badly need during their formative years [typically from birth to 6 years].  As a result, children today ‘write their own rules of behaviour’ which produced psychopathic and disturbed killers like Ethan Crumbley.

Our country’s plague of extreme violence is the direct result of our ‘sparing the rod’ and allowing our kids to raise themselves.  As a child is reared on movies, television, and violent video games he is bound to take on a warped perspective of life and engage in radical, unacceptable, and even deadly behaviour.  Thanks a lot Benjamin Spock!

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When I asked Child Psychologist, Dr. Armin Phillips, PhD, about this his comments were sobering.  Frankly I’m surprised we don’t see a whole lot more child and adult violence than we already see.  People as old as 40 have been reared on ‘Passive Parenting’ theories.  We’ve been told that spanking a child only results in more violence down the road.  The prevailing theory has failed the test of time.

In a society of ‘Passive Parenting’ and ‘sparing the rod’ we’ve seen a marked increase in violence among children raised this way.  Having almost universally accepted passive parenting, we are reaping the whirlwind of reality.

Disturbing, yes.  Nonsense, yes.  We need a turnaround before our society totally self-destructs. 

Today’s plague of violence not only among children but adults as well is the direct offspring of the pacifistic and misled theories of a pediatrician in his book.

●Passive Parenting Kills!●

It’s time for corporal punishment at home, in the schools, and in the penal system.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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