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Volume: 964                       December 9, 2021


Beholding to Putin, Biden paid meek lip service to the Russian problem.

Remember that Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, has ‘the goods’ on Hunter Biden, son of the American President, Joe Biden.  From shady dealings with the Ukraine Oil and Gas Company, Burisma to even shadier dealings with The Bank of China, Hunter, his uncle, and his father are knee-deep in scandal.  If not open criminality, it sure sounds and smells like that.  Remember the old axiom, “If it walks like a duck ...” and just substitute ‘crook’ for ‘duck’.  There ya go … lesson learned.

Earlier this week Biden and Putin had a virtual meeting which was supposed to iron out some major wrinkles in the fabric of US/Russia relations.  Wrinkles like, I don’t know, invasion of a neighbouring country?  As expected, no wrinkles were ironed out, and more were pressed even deeper.

Already viewed as a stumblebum, Joe started off the meeting with his microphone on mute.  Even a simple button marked ‘MUTE’ posed a daunting technological challenge.  Finally a soft shadow crossed his desk, that of an aide pointing to the ‘MUTE’ button.  Miracle of miracles, Biden actually pushed the button.  Now the two could talk.  You’ve gotta wonder what Putin was thinking as he watched Biden noiselessly flail his arms and hands, scratch his hand, and move his lips; all to no avail.

Unlike Biden, Putin is no slouch, no idiot, and nobody’s fool.  He entered this meeting with the upper hand and left with the same.  Biden has already gifted Putin with the Nordstream2 gas pipeline, exchange of sensitive space-based missile technology, and approved weapons sales to Russia.  He’s given Russian firms in the US special tax advantages.  Hell, the only things he hasn’t given the man are the keys to his Jill’s bedroom and her chastity belt!

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After the meeting, Russia moved another armoured division to the Ukraine border bringing the total number of troops to over 120,000!  Let’s look at it this way; Russia moves troops, artillery, and armour to the Ukraine border as Putin says to the world, “Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO.  Gee, it sounds like a threat to me.

It would seem all that matters is how things appear in the addled mind of America’s ‘pretender-in-chief’, the author of ‘The Surrender to Afghanistan’.  A man whose military experience consists of dodging the draft 5 times!  A man in cahoots with his dishonourably discharged son and frequently investigated brother, and of course, his comrade Vladimir Putin.

The results of this meeting are clear: Russia will complete Nordstream2 gas pipeline gaining an energy stranglehold on Europe.  Russia will improve space-based weapons technology; a threat to everyone, Ukrainians need to brush up on their Russian, and Biden must continue to ‘bend over’ for Putin.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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