Wednesday, December 29, 2021



Volume: 990                December 30, 2021


As the media promotes Covid hysteria, things are getting rough!

One of the primary planks of the latest media driven hysteria has been that of masking.  As provocateurs such as Anthony Fauci along with the entire pharmaceutical industrial complex press the need to mask, it drives us further and further apart.  We’re looking at the greatest society-dividing issue since abortion.  Some might even argue that this is more divisive than the abortion issue.

In the air:  Cases of ‘mask hysteria’ on board commercial airliners are rising daily.  One can hardly open a newspaper or turn on the television without hearing about mask-related violence on board these planes.  From minor scuffles to aircrew losing teeth, ‘mask hysteria’ continues to disrupt commercial air travel.  This violence is only a symptom of the underlying problem which is a manufactured hysteria bent on dividing the people along new fault lines.

On the ground:  Arguments, fights, and even riots have broken out in shops and stores from coast to coast, all surrounding ‘mask hysteria’, created and promoted by the mass media.  In a church in Dallas, Texas a fight broke out because one of the deacons refused to wear a mask.  In New Jersey a policeman was beaten to the ground as he tried to keep people out of their church.  Parishioners had been forbidden the right to assemble and worship, based on a governor who listened to the media more than scientists and doctors.

In the home:  A man shot his wife and daughter to death under fears of catching the China Virus from them.  They had refused to wear masks in their own home.

In the heart:  Society at large is in fracture.  The very fabric of our civilization is in peril as the issue of masking, along with others such as vaccine mandates, drives us apart.  It’s bad enough that the mass media has ripped us to pieces along racial, religious, sexual, and societal lines, but now they’ve found the ‘magic bullet’ needed to complete their quest to divide and conquer.  They’ve pitted family and friends against one another.  In any possible combination of relation, the mass media has succeeded in dividing our country as never before.

With the general ignorance and compliance of the American People, I can see no remedy to this situation as it continues to worsen.  Few things make me sadder than the unqualified and uninformed debating with unsubstantiated arguments.  As a doctor, I find it difficult to listen to the ‘headline-repeating’ rhetoric of an English teacher or perhaps anthropology major when they have strayed so far from their own fields of expertise.

I don’t tell an English teacher how to conjugate a verb, or an anthropologist about Polynesian fertility rights.  They don’t need to try and teach me about the complex aspects of medicine.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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