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Volume: 976                December 18, 2021


This is just what we have come to expect of leftist ‘progressives’

Dateline Blaine, Minnesota – One of the great footprints of every leftist progressive Democrat I have met is their incredible intolerance.  Unable to see beyond the prejudice of their own points of view, these people are becoming more and more intolerant and this is showing in elevated violence.

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36-year-old Tara Olivia Plum, a radical leftist, was assigned to deliver groceries to an elderly couple in Minnesota.  When she arrived, she saw a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag flying from their home.  Enraged and angry at everything and damn near everyone, the sight of a flag promoting law enforcement sent her over the edge.

Plum dropped off their groceries and then proceeded to run over the food with her car.  After destroying the couple’s food, she wrote an awful note on their receipt and stuffed it into the Christmas Wreath hanging on their door.

She has been arrested and charged with Criminal Damage to Property and could face up to 90 days in jail.  She has been fired by her employers and will have to make full restitution to the store.  It seems the store, on hearing what happened, immediately sent out a supervisor with a duplicate order of food.

I spoke with Criminal Psychologist Dr. Logan Ystere, PhD.  He has a lot to say, “A gap, a separation, between classes and beliefs is slowly destroying our society.  People like this [Olivia Plum] have succumbed to a range of propagandist teachings and feel they are ‘at war’ with anyone who does not share their beliefs.  Her [Ms. Plum’s] reaction, while extreme, is typical of those in her class and spectrum of society.  The great majority of these people are in the age group referred to as ‘Millenials’.

Hers is an increasingly common reaction as with many others who have been ‘conditioned’ by anarchists such as BLM [Black Lives Matter] Antifa [Anti Fascist] and mass media forces which paint a picture of propaganda to which those of her age and social group are greatly susceptible.  Until we can find a common solution this ‘Millennial Violence’ will only get worse.

According to NCIC [National Crime Information Center] records antisocial and anarchist violence in America is on the rise.  From January 2020 through June 2021 incidences of this kind of vandalism and violent crime have risen over 450%.  White-on-white violence based on political and social views is up over 800%.  Black-on-white violence based on racial, political, and other social views is up over 900%.  When BLM was considered in their report they reported thousands of incidences of violence occurring in or around violent events attended, sponsored, or otherwise endorsed by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, and Communists.  They’re all the same really.  How can we hope to tolerate the intolerant?  That is the question of the day.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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