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Volume: 959                       December 7, 2021


The increased cohabitation is endangering our very society

I can remember when having sex out of wedlock was frowned upon.  I can remember when living together, affectionately known as “shacking up” was something you did on the down low.  I can remember when people, at large, disapproved of couples having sex, even children, without the commitment of marriage.  Times have changed, and that’s not a good thing.  Marriage, the sacred union of man and woman, has been under assault for decades as the Communists move toward elimination of this state altogether.

I was speaking to a group of about 50 people where I spoke on Chinese culture.  In my lecture I mentioned how the Chinese People reject ‘cohabitation out of wedlock’.  In that culture, “shacking up” is not only frowned upon but almost always results in ostracizing the offenders.  Much like America in the 1950’s, they recognize the inestimable importance of marriage.  This shows why the Chinese personal culture hasn’t collapsed as ours has.

I spoke with Dr. Alan Sharpe, Ph.D.  Doctor Sharpe is a clinical and research psychologist working with couples who “shack up.”  He is also a researcher who has studied the effects of, and conditions surrounding, sexual cohabitation out of wedlock.  He says, “Living together in an unmarried sexual relationship, couples believe they are avoiding the commitment and responsibility which accompany marriage.  There are many disturbing facts surrounding the unnatural condition of “shacking up.

● Here are some of those ‘deeply disturbing’ facts about

sexually cohabitating “shacking up” couples will be…

● 9X more likely to have multiple sex partners.

● 11X more likely to ‘cheat’ or ‘step out’ on one another.

● 8X more likely to have an abortion or vasectomy.

● 5X more likely to experience clinical depression and consider or commit suicide.

● 7X more likely to experience physical violence within their relationship.

This is only half of the story.  If a couple “shacking up” where problems are greatly exacerbated when those who are “shacking up” have children.  As soon as this couple has a child, everything goes upside down.  The parents are far more likely to argue over ‘ownership’ and rearing of their child.

Once a child is on the scene, the chances of this couple breaking up go to over 13X.  Thus we see the expansion of ‘single parent’ families, and a marked decline in the cornerstone of our culture, the family.  Again, according to Dr. Sharpe, “Children born into an unmarried couple are almost always ‘accidents’ in the eyes of both parents who have lived together out of wedlock because they haven’t wanted the commitment.  They have been dodging the responsibilities inherent to the marital state but now the reality of ‘family’ has come home to roost.”

He goes on to say that the psychological devastation of being born into an unmarried couple scars the child.  This little one will grow up in a life devoid of morals and the ability to emotionally commit.  This child is over 9x less likely to attend church, marry, or otherwise commit to a principle or cause.

Interestingly, this child is actually 20X more likely to be a Democrat!  He or she is far more likely to repeat the “shacking up” debacle of his or parents, and pass on to his or her child the inevitable consequences of being born into an unmarried couple.

Shacking up”, ya gotta love it!  NOT

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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