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Volume: 975                December 18, 2021


As Biden’s Build Back Better Bill rides off into the sunset

From its very inception, the Build Back Better Bill was nothing less than a monumental power grab.  This bill, laced with racist intent and traitorous tort, contained hundreds of billions of dollars aimed at rewriting the civil rights and financial rules of the nation.  Senator Marco Rubio said, “This bill, if passed as is, will send our country down a slippery slope toward Socialism.  It will forever change the way we live.”

His sentiments and comments are reflected by more than 50 US Senators, those being nearly every single Republican and an unknown number of ‘secret-keeping’ Democrats.  Republicans are largely concerned with keeping their cushy jobs, while Democrats are largely concerned with seizing power and conquering this country from within.

As recently as October of this year House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised passage of this bill by Thanksgiving.  As of the writing of this story, it’s about a month late!  Sorry Nancy, but your draconian grip on the legislature seems to be slipping … and you don’t like that!

As recently as Thanksgiving Day of this year, President Biden promised passage of this bill by Christmas Day.  As of the writing of this story, the White House has ‘faded and punted’ this bill to ‘some day next year.’  There can be no joy in the Speaker’s seat or the Oval Office as we see this prized piece of legislation falling apart right before the eyes of those who would ‘forever change America.’

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Here’s how it went:

● The Bill was originally slated as a ‘complete overhaul’ of the nation.  It asked for over $T3.5 with provision for an additional $2T.

● The Bill was proposed for passage 9 times and, each time, was found wanting far more votes.

● The Bill was eventually whittled down to $T1.6, but still lacked the votes necessary to pass.

● The Bill was given ‘final preparation’ by House Speaker Pelosi and slated for passage before Thanksgiving Day.

● The Bill ran into significant resistance among both Republicans and Democrats, and the dream of Thanksgiving Day passage faded into the mists of doubt and defeat.  Despite Pelosi’s ‘full court press’ this iteration of Build Back Better went up in smoke.

● The Bill was revised to $T1.35 and slated for passage by Christmas.  The president took the ball and ran with it.  He fumbled the bill.  It was still too heavily laden with pork and posed significant obstacles to passage by either Republicans, Republican Traitors, Democrats, or Middle-of-the road Democrats.

Here’s how it is:

● Biden has reluctantly punted, kicking this can down the road into next year in hopes of garnering more support from Democrats such as Senators Manchin and Sinema, both of whom are regarded by fellow Democrats as ‘traitors’.  While it is true that Manchin and Sinema have broken ranks with their party colleagues, it shows their strength of character and conviction.  They are to be applauded for their stalwart resistance to a draconian bill which, if passed, will forever change the face of our country and our society as well.

According to my sources there are at least 4 more Democrat Senators quietly opposed to Build Back Better.  Their intention is to vote it down when it reaches the Senate, but they have seen what happens to folks who are known to disagree with the president.  They have seen the pressure applied on Senator Manchin and the open harassment of Senator Sinema.  Unwilling to put up with such pressure and harassment, they are ‘lying low’ and will cast their votes when the bill reaches the Senate floor.

In summary:

Biden’s Build Back Better Bill is dead, and Biden knows it.  Unable to obtain the names of those Democrat Senators ‘laying low’; he knows he cannot fulfill the wish list of either the Obamas or Beijing.

It’s over, Joe.  Lick your wounds and crawl back into your hole.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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