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Why is the US preventing use of effective Covid treatments?

To begin, I want to thank New York Post columnist Marty Makary whose research was invaluable to the writing of this paper.  The American people have suffered long and hard at the hand of the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] and their draconian prohibition of proven medications and protocols that control or kill the Chinese Virus in all its permutations.

President Joe Biden is empowered to order the FDA to allow ‘off label’ medications proven up to 91% effective against all possible variants of the China Virus.  Each time a study comes forth showing a drug or drug combination to be effective against the virus, the FDA immediately squashes it, often prohibiting use of the drugs in study.  Just what in Hell is going on here?

It’s a known fact that Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and other firms manufacturing ‘vaccines’ for the China virus are raking in more money than most of the world’s countries.  With record profits, exceeding expectation and imagination, these firms stand to benefit from the restraint of use of effective medications.  This is a situation which bears careful and thorough investigation by independent parties.

In 2017 influenza ripped through the land infecting over 41 million Americans in just a few months.  Did we see masking, distancing, sheltering in place, mass testing and vaccination then?  No, we just washed our hands, tried not to cough in people’s faces, and stayed at home if we felt sick.  This is a protocol which has worked with great success for well over a hundred years?  How is it that when these Corona variants come through we act as though the sky is falling?

During any given winter cold and flu season, about 18 ~ 20 percent of Americans get infected with various respiratory pathogens.  Influenza, RSV, Rhinovirus, and really bad colds make the rounds every year, and we’re still standing.

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Testing is an absolutely worthless tool in preventing or even slowing the spread of virus or disease.  It’s impossible to keep up with the spread of even the mildest of infectious diseases.  It just can’t be done.  So what do we do?

What we should be doing is what we are taught to do in medical school, and that is to meet with the patient, test and diagnose the disease, and treat it to the best of our ability.  We are taught only to consider hospitalization as a ‘court of last resort’.  These are the protocols established over the centuries, and they still stand today.  So why aren’t we following these time-tested protocols today?  In nearly every case except Corona Virus infections we do.  What is it that makes this Chinese virus so special?

The answer to this question is simple.  The Chinese Originating Virus is a political football nobody wants to hold.  Governments far and wide keep tossing this ball back and forth like the proverbial ‘hot potato’.  They are all afraid of offending Communist China, the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  Even the most cursory of internet searches will show that Communist China holds the purse strings of many nations, including the United States.

Whenever you politicize anything you pollute fact and form, and slide backwards not forwards.  This is the case with the highly politicized China Corona Virus in all its permutations.  From Joseph Biden to Justin Trudeau and many other national leaders, bowing to China and refraining from offending them seems to be priority-one.

It is not only our surrender to Beijing but people like Anthony Fauci and others of his ilk who gain financially from their man-made crisis who are, collectively, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people.

Simple medical treatment with drugs such as Fluvoxamine [a commonly available medication] has been shown to reduce Corona virus deaths by 91 percent.  This study was published in The Lancet, the revered British medical journal.  This study is reflected almost mirror-mirror with one published by the American Medical Association in the spring of 2021.

Fluvoxamine is safe, has a plausible mechanism, costs about $10 per dose, and is without challenge in the medical world.  These two studies stand as ‘incontrovertible’ proof that Fluvoxamine is a safe and effective treatment.  Where is it?  Ask Anthony Fauci!  He, along with other public health officials and his friends in the media, has ducked this topic by not mentioning it at all.

Why is it that our leaders in and out of the public health sector are pushing vaccines of questionable efficacy, 2nd doses of even more questionable efficacy, and boosters of nearly no proven efficacy?  There is a plethora of documentation pointing to the dangers presented by accepting injection of these still experimental medications.  From the masking of 2-year-olds to repeat vaccination of everyone over the age of 5 we are awash in bad advice, bad practice, criminal complicity, and dangerous oppression over what has become a purely political issue.

There is significantly more positive data supporting medical treatment with a multitude of existing medications than there is supporting the ‘vaccines’ being pushed today.  Other drugs such as Regeneron, Plaquenil, and Remdesivir have shown great promise in multiple studies but are prohibited by many state governments as well as being decried by the FDA.  I, for one, would love to hear a valid argument in favour of withholding these treatments and medications.

Merck Pharmaceutical has introduced a new drug, Molnupiravir, which showed 100 percent effectiveness in preventing Covid death.  Despite this amazing result, and the FDA’s vote to approve, the drug still has not been approved.  Why is the FDA slow-walking Merck?  It’s been nearly a month now and maybe the FDA is dragging their heels in order for the mRNA drug manufacturers to reap their final hundreds of billions of dollars in record-shattering profits!

How can these politicized punks like Anthony Fauci continue to delay myriad medications and chemical protocols proven to stop Corona in its tracks!  From delay to prohibition, the FDA, Anthony Fauci, all government officials involved, and the entire Mass Media have blood on their hands!  These deaths, incapacitations, and personal soul-wracking heartaches all stand on the shoulders of those criminally acting politicizing individuals and entities.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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