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Volume 160                                 February 16, 2021


The Black Plague spreads unchecked and unabated

It’s a Black Thing!  Here we are, in one of the BLM’s greatest strongholds where Violent American Blacks roam with impunity.  This story was broken by the New York Post and it goes like this:

Dateline: Manhattan, NY.  February 3, 2021.  A black woman shoved and kicked an elderly passenger as they crossed paths outside a Manhattan bus on Wednesday, according to police sources.  The 73-year-old victim was trying to board the West 57th Street bus near 8th Avenue around 11:15 a.m. when a younger woman, joined by a child, attempted to get off the bus, according to police.

Both women blocked each other on a narrow snow shovelled pathway, because of large amounts of snow on the ground.  Typical of this violent subculture, the younger woman then pushed the old lady to the ground and laid in a few kicks for good measure.  She walked off as though this was ‘just another part of her daily business’.

The victim refused medical attention at the scene where she received minor leg and hand injuries.

Surveillance cameras show the perpetrator inside a train station hours later.  This violent bitch is still at large.

Isn’t this so typical?  You have testosterone ridden violent black females and males roaming the streets just looking for someone to accost.  Equal opportunity thugs, they will attack anyone or anything that ‘gets in their way’.  A subculture without morals, decency, religion or even common sense they continue to prowl the streets of our cities preying on the weak, the homeless, the easy targets most decent folks are.

We see this day in and day out.  Yes, violence is not the sole purview of American Blacks, but it is definitely their stock in trade!  The violent subculture of American Blacks continues to spread like a plague across our land.  We need to stop being so blas√© about this.  We need to stand up for our rights.

The courts must deal with them as they would any other violent offenders and stop molly coddling these animals!  Government must do with them as they would any wild animals on the street.  Cage them all!  Keep in mind that “It’s a Black Thing!”

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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