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Volume 172                                 February 22, 2021


Setting the stage:  A virus has spread across the land and hysteria abounds among the sheep-like people of America and the nations of the west.  America’s newly and questionably elected president ‘shows his stuff’ in receiving an essentially ‘experimental’ vaccine.  So do a number of highly placed elected officials.

Here is the question:  How is it that anyone could be so scared as to accept injection of a DNA altering vaccine of unknown properties?  This is the first of its kind, a vaccine that actually relies on the manipulation of the patient’s DNA in order to build a form of targeted virus resistance.

Unlike vaccines before, these have been rushed to market with virtually no broad-based testing.  Only months in development and a few months in testing, these vaccines have received blanket approval and endorsement from authorities.  If this seems strange, it’s because it is!

The Saline Solution:  Our elected officials may be pulling a heavy blanket over our eyes.  Word has leaked from one of the vaccine manufacturers that the White House and others have ordered vials of saline solution.  These bottles have been labelled as vaccine.  What’s going on here?

Two Masks?  One possibly is that public officials, aware of the potential dangers and questionable benefits of these vaccines, are being injected with saline solution, an inert liquid with no possible drug interaction or side effect.  Hell.  No effect at all!  This would also explain elected officials beginning to wear double masks.  Two masks instead of one may be their way of warding off the virus.  Although it’s no more deadly than the annual influenza.  Knowing that the vaccine is so potentially dangerous would be plenty of reason to switch them out for saline solution.

The Plot Thickens:  Could this be part of a United Nations Agenda pursuit to see 500 million die in the next 10 years?  500 million more than the norm.  Could it be that these vaccines are indeed a slow-motion poison?  Could they be poisons with a long-term delayed release effect leading to crippling effects or death?  Could this be part of a eugenics programme much as the United States practiced in the 1930’s?

Do your homework.  Think for yourselves.  Study, listen, and learn.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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