Tuesday, February 16, 2021



Volume 164                                 February 17, 2021


Let’s take a closer look at Washington and America today.  Let’s look at the very foundation of today’s government and its increasingly dictatorial and disconnected nature.

We have a White House surrounded by barricades, battlements, and armed troops.  Looking more like the Kremlin in 1960 or the Reichstag in 1938 it screams of oppression, paranoia, and fear.  Our two legislative houses, those being the Senate and the Congress, are almost completely controlled by raving lunatics bent on reshaping our country into the Socialist Utopia of their twisted dreams.

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is one example of the horrid state of affairs.  A woman who harbours a psychotic hatred for one man to such an extent that she would gladly toss the Constitution onto the fire rather than see her perceived nemesis, Donald Trump, run for elected office or even remain free for that matter.  Her power over the Congress is unprecedented as, with her new rules allowing proxy voting, she can cast a single vote for the majority of Democrats in Congress.

Yes, a large number of Congressmen and women have surrendered their votes to Nancy ‘Nazi’ Pelosi and she has abused this to the fullest.  Although the recent election tilted in favour of the Democrats and Nancy, the number of Republican seats increased to such an extent as to worry Pelosi.  In any case, we can see that the Congress, being predominantly Democrat, is indeed the eminent domain of Nancy Pelosi.

Nearly every Democrat congressman and woman fears Nancy and her overreaching power plus the fact that she holds the purse strings on billions of dollars which she doles out as she pleases to the re-election campaigns of her more ardent followers and those who ‘toe the line’.

The Senate, being an exact half-and-half of Republican and Democrat, is in an even more precarious position than the Congress.  With a surety that Democrats will always vote as a single block, this unity puts Republicans at an instant disadvantage.  Such is the condition of the Senate today that even if Republicans showed in uncanny unity as a block, Joe Biden’s sidekick would break the deadlock with a vote most assuredly Democrat Socialist Communist.

Our president, Donald J. Trump was recently exonerated in his 2nd impeachment trial.  He proved once again that the Democrats, led by Nancy ‘Nazi’ Pelosi could impeach a ham sandwich!  Impeachment is one thing, but conviction is yet another.  The Democrat lies rose to the surface and, with all the expertise of a 1st year law student, were insufficient to convince even the most feeble-minded in the Senate of Donald Trump’s guilt.

With Joe Bide as ‘Pretender in Chief’ and Kamala Harris by his side whispering in his ear, our country appears headed down a rather rocky road.  Whether there is hope for the Republic remains yet to be seen.  Americans tried and true have seen the skulduggery afoot and dismayed at the successful brainwashing of the mostly ‘feeble minded’ American citizens.

It took a cabal of media, internet, and foreign interests nearly 4 years to convince the American people that Joe Biden’s sheets were as clean as a nun’s, and that Donald Trump was the devil incarnate.  One simple example exists in the survey showing that nearly 73% of those who voted for Joe were unaware of the Hunter/Joe Biden Scandal and, had they known, nearly 43% of those who voted for Joe would have voted for Donald Trump instead.  This is enough to tip the scales either way.  Yes, the media withheld information, twisted truth, and libelled the Trump Campaign in every way imaginable as they painted Joe the clean-sheeted, God fearing, and loving family man that he is not.  To withhold the truth is to lie” – Doel Cam Nai.

We find ourselves in a ‘machine gun death grip’ of politics which can only be corrected by citizen awareness, judicial action, and a massive public outcry.  We need an outcry so massive that the Beijing and Tehran funded major media can no longer ignore it.  We need to yell, scream, email, telephone, march, and vote!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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