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Biden grovels as Saudi Prince takes him to task

Thoroughly incompetent and unable to think on his feet, or for himself, Joe Biden ended up groveling and apologizing as he met with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.  Joe never had ‘the upper hand’ since the purpose of his trip was to beg Saudi for more oil.

After crippling the largest energy producer in the world [the United States of America] Joe went on a junket to the middle-east to beg for more oil from a newly empowered Saudi Arabia.  This really doesn’t make any sense, but then … does Joe Biden ever make sense?

Dateline Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – It began with unprepared and incompetent Joe Biden attempting to shame the Saudi Prince relating to the death of Jamal Khashoggi, a distantly related royal and contributor to foreign newspapers.  This was Biden’s mistake.

Immediately, and in the scolding tones of a 3rd grade school teacher, the prince charged how America treated Arab prisoners in the infamous Abu Ghraib Prison.  Continuing his assault he was heard to say, “And it is only to your shame that you would affix on a mistake by our security services in the death of Mister Khashoggi.  You, on the other hand, continued to torture, assault, degrade, and even murder prisoners in the dungeons of Abu Ghraib.”  All the while he shook his finger in the face of America’s ‘Weekend at Bernies’ president.

Not surprising was Joe’s response.  He had been caught flat-footed and hung his head in what appeared to be shame.  In the end, at the close of his ill-fated meeting with the Crown Prince, Joe Biden left with a badly damaged ego, a bruised sense of self, and absolutely no concessions or agreements from the government of Saudi Arabia.

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Clearly Joe Biden has not only sacrificed America’s energy independence, but the respect of our nation as a whole.  When some little ‘Sand-Rat Arab’ with a table cloth on his head can bully the president of the United States we are in a sad situation indeed.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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