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Australia’s ‘experiment gone wrong’ is more than simple 'failure'

A week ago we broke the story of genetically engineered cattle escaping from their enclosure in Australia.  This happened at a formerly top secret agricultural laboratory and test facility outside the city of Rockhampton, Queensland.  The focus of their research appears to be chimera-like/genetics.  Since we last reported, more information has risen to the surface of this unbelievably complex and truly strange situation.  Indeed, this new information casts a deeper look into some of the darker corners of CSIRO's dabblings in areas they needn't.

Zeus’ the Alpha Bull and his herd of at least 3 heifers [when a male cow is unable to reproduce sexually it is called a ‘steer’, when a male cow can procreate it is called a 'bull'].  With Zeus we're talking 100 percent bull and you’d better believe it!  To date, search efforts have failed to find His herd on the run.

New information came to light as I spoke again with David Wilder, a Research Assistant at the CSIRO facility and here’s what he had to say; “We found all 4 of their identification tags about twelve kilometers south of the station.  I’ve no idea how they got them off, but I’m looking at them on my desk right now.”  Yes dear readers, Zeus and his harem have slipped away from the only identification they carried, their ear tags.  Now, just looking around, he could be any healthy, large alpha on the hoof.  And that's no ‘bull’, so you’d better ‘steer’ clear of any stories to the contrary.

I recently received an email from an anonymous source within the CSIRO and this has been verified by two contacts within the organization including an assistant to Dr. Philip Silverstein [now silent on the matter] a senior researcher.  The assistant says, “There’s no good in denying the simple facts, although I wish to God I could!  I guess the genie is out of the bottle.

Here are some facts surrounding the new Australian ‘Super Cattle’, a totally modified Hereford/? breed … we have no idea just how much genetic manipulation has taken place but have confirmed all of these cattle come from the Hereford line.  Okay, here we go with the statistics as surprising as they are;

Projected lifespan; a staggering 70-80 years in a protected environment.  Male expectancy is 70 years and female 80 years; These are the life spans of average humans, people; you or me!

Size and weight at maturity; 150cm and 1200kg. That’s about 5’ tall and weighing in at over 2,600 pounds.  That’s a lot of meat on the hoof and a huge animal to be sure.

Conception rate on mating; 93% at first attempt and 100% with any other attempts; It stands to reason that this means his heifers are probably already pregnant.

Gestation period; 90 ~ 110 days on average; The calf is delivered with eyes open and able to stand unassisted within minutes of birth.  Multiple births are improbable due to the weight and size of the calf at birth, that being 120lbs.

Weaning period for calf.  About 9 weeks; By then the calf is maturing quickly and eating solid food.  It will break away from nursing altogether by that time.

Maturation: Time from birth to adulthood; From maturity to adulthood and sexually active and capable is about 24 weeks, or 6 months.  The calf's rapid growth causes it to grow quite large in a very short period of time.  This rapid growth slows and eventually stops around 3-5 years of age.  By this time they are large adults.

● Bulls weigh in at about 2,600 pounds while heifers weigh in at around 2,100 pounds which is still a respectable weight.  Imagine a single cow weighing well over a ton.

This strain identified as ‘hereman-0326’ has been under development for nearly 11 years and this is what their efforts have gotten them; a breed of cow that may not be classified as ‘cow’ much longer.

Many questions remain as the herd continues to evade identification and capture.  What the future brings for these cattle is uncertain.  With ‘higher than average human’ intelligence, high rates of fertility, very long life spans, large and muscular stature, resistance to many diseases, and a demonstrated ability to learn leaves the future still uncertain.

Neither rumour nor sighting has been reported as of this posting, but it’s certain Zeus and his harem are out there ‘mooing it up’, reproducing, and learning.  What the future brings is anybody’s guess.

I'll keep you abreast of developments.  I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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