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The Fifth Amendment lay in tatters on the courtroom floor

For hundreds of years the American people have been led to believe that they could not be charged, tried and or convicted of the same crime twice.  The portion of the very amendment which used to protect us reads, "No person shall . . . be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb . . . ."  Today that portion, along with equally large portions of the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments has been trampled under the feet of the usurpers of freedom through federal overreach and totalitarian prosecution.

Here’s one of many examples, [examples so numerous as to be practically uncountable] of a violation of one’s Fifth Amendment rights.  I'm sure you remember the George Floyd debacle in all its high definition television coverage.  Right … the one in which a physically imposing and Violent American Black [VAB] multiple-offender [known to be in possession of a deadly weapon] died while in the custody of 4 police officers whose combined weight barely overshadowed that of Floyd.  They did their best to subdue this ferocious large felon while executing an arrest for yet another of the litany of crimes adorning his jail cell walls.


Floyd's death gave the feds needed 'leverage'


Floyd died, and the death of any human is a tragedy, but his signaled one more early step in the criminal progression of the erosion of the Fifth Amendment’s protection from double-jeopardy.  The police officers involved were tried in the racially charged and overtly biased setting of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Typically 'Wigger' judges refused requests for a change of venue, assuring conviction of the police officers involved.

In the limelight of nationwide press, witness after witness bore their souls as to the horrific treatment poor George Floyd had been subjected to before his untimely demise under the restraining knee of a police officer on the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was all a well scripted soap opera with insidious intent.

Rightfully or wrongfully, the police officers involved were convicted of felony behaviour.  Okay, the state of Minnesota tried, convicted, and sentenced these men.  You’d think it was over … it should have been over ... and you’d be wrong.  As long as Washington, D.C. is open for business “it ain’t over til’ it’s over.


Dictators pursue 'eternal prosecution'.


For the feds this just wasn’t enough.  Black and ‘Wigger’ [Wiggers are those Caucasians, Latinos, and Asians who are dreadfully ashamed of their race and bend over backward to keep ‘Whitey’ down] alike had taken to the streets smashing, looting, burning, and trying to kill ‘Whitey.

Woe betides anyone who stood in the path of black racist supremacy.  Black supremacists such as BLM, Antifa, NAACP, SCLC and a host of others were on the march and stood ready to ‘burn the country down’ if the law didn’t lock these cops up ‘forever’, according to LaDandre DeShaun Brown, a local Minnesota activist.

HERE WE GO ... ENTER THE FEDS:  Eager to defuse the situation, federal prosecutors decided to try the men again.  They would extend sentences imposed in their existing trial and conviction through parallel repetition of the judicial process.  But wait a minute … the men had already been tried, convicted, and even sentenced!  One would think that, according to the Constitution of the United States, it was all over [unless the convictions went to appeal] and this was it!


Prosecutors use 'parallel prosecution'


Nope!  The Feds, as they have so often done in recent decades, simply re-labeled the crime and gave it a new and nebulous name, “Violation of Civil Rights”.  With a newly labeled crime and existing‘Hate Crime’ statutes in hand they were off and running.

Remember that federal prosecutors [due to a bottomless budget and a blank checkbook] enjoy a conviction rate of 94% which is significantly higher than any of the states that make up our fractured union.  This would be a ‘cake walk’ for the feds because, on top of every other factor, George Floyd also enjoyed ‘protected class’ status because of the colour of his skin.  Yes, the feds would have a field day as they played the ‘Race Card’, shouted ‘Hate Crime’, and retried these men under a new name.


Same crime + different name = new crime


Re-labeling the same criminal event for the purpose of re-prosecution is unconscionable yet it has never been addressed by the US Supreme Court.  It would seem the Supreme Court is complicit in the deliberate degradation of our civil rights.  The ability to re-label a crime gives an already omnipotent federal government the ability to hound, arrest, arraign, and try anyone they don’t like and to keep it up until they finally get lucky and slam someone in prison or have them killed.

We must rise up and put this to rest.  By use of our shattered electoral and judicial systems we must regain control of our country.  We must rebuild the Constitution of the United States, repairing the cracks and tears within.  Only through this course can we avoid the bloodshed which is otherwise a foregone conclusion.

It’s tragic at best and evil at worst.  I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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